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Westminster's Deliberate Destruction of Britain


You are destroying Germany! Bibi Wilhailm, 16 year old girl, sheds light upon the gravity of the refugee crisis.

This video already has a large number of views on Youtube (primarily HERE), but certainly does not have enough views! We pray that all Germans see it, and react against the destruction of Germany by those eternal enemies of the White race, because Hitler was right!


Like most Germans today, Bibi is hopelessly lost when it comes to religion. We understand that, because obviously the Jews control education in Europe as well as in the rest of the world. At least she understands the threat moslems pose to German race and culture, where most German adults are totally clueless.

We posted this, because more than anything, Bibi shows us that the average German girl is in fear of these moslem beasts, and by itself that is good enough reason to eject them all.