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"When a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic" Donald James [1931-2008]

It is said that "ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free", and it is absolutely evident that only the Truth shall make us free. But when are we ever going to face it?

The Saxon Messenger is the home of William Finck's quarterly magazine, and a project of Christogenea.org. Each issue is a collection of articles from Christogenea and various other selected writers dealing with the problems that Christendom faces today as the White race struggles for identity and survival in an ever-more-hostile world.

Saxon Messenger Issue No. 47, June 2017

The Saxon Messenger is a somewhat quarterly publication and a project of Christogenea.org. It is freely available here at Christogenea but is also available as a high-quality publication through Magcloud, which is a print-to-order publishing service.

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This issue of the Saxon Messenger features the following articles:

Health and Science, and more...

The Pride of Sweden

As Swedish women are being raped by Arab invaders in increasingly escalating numbers, the cops in Sweden are dancing in the streets in celebration of their own Sodomy.


Britain Last: With No Remaining Political Options

We have not yet decided how it is that we should interpret the latest Muslim agitation in Manchester. We can only surmise that if there were any victims, perhaps that Grande cretin may have been grandest of them all, but unfortunately these scripts are never written in that manner. Of course, the media has already reported that “ISIS” has taken the blame, which obviously absolves all of the muslims of Britain. We hope you sense the sarcasm. Now as this latest episode of muslim agitation unfolds, we consider the prospects for Britain, and we are certain that in any event, the government’s policy will once again be Britain Last.

Out of all of the British Nationalist groups we have seen, only a couple of late have actually even been aware of the root cause of Britain’s woes, and this past December National Action was completely proscribed, labelled an extremist group and shut down by the government.

The other is the intellectually formidable Jez Turner of the London Forum. We have run many of his excellent articles in the pages of this Saxon Messenger. This true British patriot is now being harassed by Her Majesty’s favorite tribe, and awaiting prosecution for his “anti-semitism.”

Yet even the most harmless of British opposition to the government’s policy of Islamization is being persecuted. Tommy Robinson, which is a pseudonym for Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was a co-founder and leader of the so-called English Defence League, which is an anti-Islamic and decidedly pro-Zionist “street protest” movement. Hardly a threat to the established order.

Cultural Enrichment: Scenes from the May 2017 Arab Riots in Paris


Kafir Crusaders

Kafir Crusaders is a good place to get and stay informed concerning the destruction of native British youth as a result of the ongoing Islamization of Britain.

This is not immigration. This is an organized destruction of the native British people in favor of other races. All of those who are attempting to resist the destruction of Britain are now being arrested. Recent arrests include Tommy Robinson, as he was filming muslim rapists outside of a courtroom, and the leaders of the Britain First Party, for "suspicion of inciting religious hatred".

It seem to be a greater crime to point out the fact that muslims are invading Britain and fully intend on replacing the British people with their own, than it is for muslims to rape thousands of British girls as part of their endeavour to effect that replacement.

Kafir Crusaders has also created a quite informative Muslim Grooming / Paedo Epidemic Incident Map, which we have embedded below. British girls, sometimes hundreds of them -- 1400 in the case of Rotherham -- have been systematically gang-raped in 116 locations across Britain, and this is only where they have been caught.


The Paris Subway

France: These are the real conditions at the French subway stations. Frenchmen are brutally kicked and beaten by savages.


Saxon Messenger Issue No. 46, March 2017

The Saxon Messenger is a somewhat quarterly publication and a project of Christogenea.org. It is freely available here at Christogenea but is also available as a high-quality publication through Magcloud, which is a print-to-order publishing service.

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This issue of the Saxon Messenger features the following articles:

Health and Science, Jewish hypocrisy, and more...

The Saxon Messenger - Edition No. 45

The Saxon Messenger is a somewhat quarterly publication and a project of Christogenea.org. It is freely available here at Christogenea but is also available as a high-quality publication through Magcloud, which is a print-to-order publishing service.

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This issue of the Saxon Messenger features the following articles:

How Equality Works in South Africa

When Whites voted to allow South Afrtican blacks to be "equal" citizens, that is not what they got. What they got, and what they are continuing to get, is to be conquered and pushed out into squatter camps. Blacks cannot be equals in a White society, they can only be destroyers.

See the South African Family Relief Project.

The Snoopers Charter - The Permanent Police State of Britain


National Action Speak in Darlington

This is a clip of a speech from a march at Darlington, November 14th 2016. See the National Action website. They are the only organization we have yet seen in England that knows the true nature of the struggle which our race faces, and this brave speech sums it up nicely.

See more on Youtube at NAtv.




Thankfully not all Swedes are cucks selling themselves off to the Jews. At least some are actually opposed to the immigration agenda and the destruction of White Europe.


The Saxon Messenger - Edition No. 44

The Saxon Messenger is a somewhat quarterly publication and a project of Christogenea.org. It is freely available here at Christogenea but is also available as a high-quality publication through Magcloud, which is a print-to-order publishing service.

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This issue of the Saxon Messenger features the following articles:

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 38 - Baboons are not good Babysitters


So in Oregon, if you beat someone and they cannot speak to describe their pain, you cannot be charged with a crime? That is what the authorities evidently told the parents of this young child after he was beaten by his "babysitter". Of course, the parents themselves should be beaten for hiring a baboon to be a babysiter in the first place.

But it seems to us, that what the Oregon authorities really meant to say is that a Nigger should get off scot-free for beating a White baby. We cannot imagine a White man being treated so leniently for beating a chimplet (the proper term for a black child), but we can imagine the resulting media outcry if such a thing were ever to happen.

We learned of this case from the Western Michigan news channel Fox17...

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 37 - Black Lives Do Not Matter


We are always hearing stories of gang-banging niggers killing one another, and drug-dealing niggers killing one another, but this one is different. Pictured to the left is 45-year old Chadwick Garrett, a Negro with a job. He took the time to help these two niggers get their SUV out of a ditch. And once he did, they robbed and shot him, leaving him dead. So the last thing a nigger should want to be is a good samaritan.

Whites everywhere should take notice. When you try to help wolves, they still want to eat you.

The Saxon Messenger - Edition No. 43

Michael McLaughlin - The Rise of the Sunwheel: The British Movement

‘The Rise of the Sunwheel: The British Movement and a life as a Rights Activist for Whites’ The legendary leader of The British Movement, which in its heyday put the fear of God into the mishmash of Marxists, misfits, liberals, perverts and others that comprise the rotting head of our fast degenerating society, will discuss his new autobiographical book.  

Its all here: chaotic childhood; turbulent times in the Merchant Navy; adrenalin fuelled times as BM deputy and then leader; rumoured attempts by Mossad to assassinate him; meetings with Gerard Lauck, (NSDAP-AO), Vivien Bird, Colin Jordan and Robert Relf (‘House only for sale to a white family’); poet, blogger, and prolific author Michael Mclauglin invites you to take a journey into ‘The Rise of the Sunwheel’.


The Rise of the Sunwheel: British White Rights Dissident Tells All

History Without the Spin

Michael Walsh's page at Spanglefish

The British Movement blog.


Angela Merkel Hates On German Flag

Merkel was not handed the flag. The bitch actually grabbed the flag out of the man's hand and cast it aside. If the man had any backbone at all he should have walked off.


Ottoman Germany

This too may be dismissed as Jewish anti-Islam propaganda. However the average moslem in the streets of Europe understands that he is there to colonize and supplant Western society. It is no coincidence that the vast majority of "refugees" are men between 20 and 50 years of age, who brought no family to Europe.


Police Beat White Suspect, Only "Incorporating the Arrest"


"Incorporating the arrest"? Is the news announcer serious? If the cops were beating the living shit out of a submissive negro, what would he have said then? Where are the protests and cries for justice on behalf of an apparently white criminal? Where are the cries for justice against the evil white cops? The media hypocrisy never ends... fair & balanced. 

Righteous Indignation in Germany - Finally!!!


This is from Face of a dying Nation at Youtube. Here is their text accompanying the video:

Published on May 1, 2016


Heiko Maas, the German Federal Minister of Justice, was unable to finish his Labor Day celebration speech on the 1st of May as he was loudly booed and chased off the stage by the German people. The people repeatedly shouted "Traitor", "Leftist Rat", "Get out!", "We are the People" and "Maas must go!", eventually getting him to cancel his speech and flee to his armored vehicle escorted by his armed bodyguards.

Maas is considered one of the biggest proponents of expanding censorship laws, demanding persecution, fines and jail-time for everybody posting "hate speech" on social media.

He also does not acknowledge the existence of the German people, backing his party, the Social Democrats, in the opinion that Europe was always made up of immigrants and Germany's only chance of redemption for the eternal guilt of World War 2 is inviting as many Muslim immigrants as possible.

His party took devastating losses in polls across the country, losing to the Alternative for Germany (AfD) by a landslide in the last state election of Saxony, where he held his speech.

Maas' party recently published plans to build 350,000 entirely new homes for "newcomers" to solve the "demographic crisis". In his speech he claimed that "the people shouting 'traitor' don't even know what's happening to them". But it appears that they know very well what is being done to them.
The German people are confused and angry about why they're told that they have to be frugal and avoid having children because of the immense cost while simultaneously working their fingers to the bones to fund a foreign invasion.

The people in the audience hence ridiculed him for claiming that the actual workers in the audience "hijack Labor Day". The hypocrisy of celebrating Labor and fair wages while his party supports the import of millions of unskilled workers is what got him chased off the stage.

Westmonsters: The Pedophiles in High Places

No wonder so little has been done about Rotherham, what with Pedophiles and those who shelter them running the British government.

This exposé of high level child abuse in Westminster is from 60 minutes Australia.

Amongst statements supporting pedophilia which have been endorsed by current British Labor Party leadership are the following:

"We can't prove sex with children does them harm."

"Childhood sexual experiences willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage."

The above quotations are from an official position paper of the National Council for Civil Liberties while British Labor MP Harriet Harman was its legal officer, and British Labor MP Patricia Hope Hewitt was its general secretary. See The truth about Labour's apologists for paedophilia: Police probe child sex campaign group linked to three top party officials in wake of Savile scandal.

The wolves have long ago taken over the sheepfold.

Lobster Lives Matter to Blind and Hypocritical Swedes

The Daily Mail has just reported something on the Swedish rape crisis in an article titled Two 10-year-old schoolgirls molested and a woman's trousers ripped off: Inside the sleepy Swedish town rocked by EIGHT sex attacks in three weeks by migrant men. But the Swedes keep admitting these sexually aggressive migrants with no concern for the native human population and the preservation of its species.

However the native lobsters have no worries, because the Swedes will appeal for their salvation, and defend them from intrusive and sexually aggressive invaders. The Guardian has just published an article under the title Invasion of the American lobsters: Sweden asks EU for help. Evidentally, lobsters from North American waters are replacing the population of native lobsters off the coasts of Sweden. Here is what it says, in part:

They pose several potential risks for native species, competing for space and resources, they can interbreed with local species and produce hybrid species, which we don’t know will be viable or not,” said Dr Paul Stebbing of the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture science.

As a friend said while commenting on this article in the Christogenea Forum, it is quite ironic that the language that is used to describe these invasive lobsters seems much more appropriate for the flood of arabs and negros who are their real problem. Of course we must agree. Arabs and negros are sexually aggressive invaders with a disdain for Swedish law and culture, who only seek to supplant the Swedish population with bastards, and create an Islamic desert in the snowy north. The Guardian article continues to speak about lobsters:

Oversexed, overfed and over here: that, in a nutshell, is what the Swedes think of the American lobster from Maine, New England. It may be much sought after in restaurants but Sweden does not want the American crustacean to darken EU waters in case it spreads diseases and kills off its smaller cousin.

So arab invaders can darken Sweden itself... and evidently Swedish lobsters are much more valuable than Swedish women, or future generations of Swedes. But what if some of the Swedish lobsters want the American invaders? The irony amazes us, but the hypocrisy is literally killing Swedes.

William Finck

Sweden's No-Go Zones Not Safe for Cops or Cameras


The CBS News 60 Minutes crew is about to enter a neighborhood in Sweden which is actually a Somali squatter colony. The cameraman is run over by a car. They call the police, but the police won't escort the crew through neighborhood, telling them they are better off without them. The reporter then attempts to portray any Somalis who would talk to them as if they were benevolent, not considering other possible motives. But it is not long until they are attacked again. The liberal reporter tries reasoning with beasts, and cannot really understand their nature. Will she ever learn, that these Somalis are not people? Rather, she was pleading with them like a mother to a child, but they had no care for her correction.

This reporter is rather fortunate that she was not dragged off and raped. In 2011, when CBS reporter Lara Logan thought she could stand in a crowd on the streets of Cairo and report on rioting Egyptians, they stripped her naked and raped her. Would she ever understand that she was raped by beasts, and not by men? The insolence of liberalism is that it insists it can defy nature, and form creatures who are beasts in its own image of what people should be.

Meanwhile, Somewhere in the West...


The Afrikaner Broederbond, Freemasons and the Rothschilds



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