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This month's Saxon Messenger features The Rabbit Hole, Vladimir Putin Supports Israel. Are White Nationalists Still in Denial? and The Prophecy of Amos, Part 8, by William Finck, De Klerk’s liberal conversion and the mindset of treason, By Mike Smith, Sham Marriages & Population Replacment, by Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB, Pornography as a Secret Weapon, by Lasha Darkmoon, Silence of the Goats, by Pastor Mark Downey, The Nasty Side of Organ Transplantation: Body Parts and Business, By Norm Baker, and more.

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Some French Reacting to Racist Immigrant Violence

This video was produced by the "Christian Broadcasting Network". However there is just as much racial violence perpetrated against Whites by Mexicans and Negroes in the United States which that same network ignores. Could it be that is because the Mexicans and Negroes are not all muslims? Of course, the CBN serves their Jewish masters. Yet Whites, Christians or not, must awaken to racial realities in one way or another - or become extinct.

National Action: For a Free White Britain

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 31 - Six-Year Old Barely Escapes with Life and Chastity

There are only two reasons why a pair of black adult male beasts would want to abduct this pretty young White girl: rape and murder. With blacks robbing, murdering and raping Whites daily from coast to coast, when are Whites going to awaken to the fact that it is not "crime", but a quiet war of genocide which blacks have been waging against Whites for several decades now? And the Jewish-controlled "liberal" media offers nothing but a cloak of euphemisms and non-news for the beasts to hide behind. Notice that no description of the males is offered, although one perpetrator was caught and another is still at large.

See KOMO News for verification. We doubt there will be much follow-up.

"Day of Wrath" in Paris: anti-semitic demonstration - proof in pictures

"Jour de Colère" à Paris: Manifestation antisémite - preuves en images

The Truth Behind Mixed-Race "Marriages"

The Jews in Hollywood and the media have been promoting the destruction of White society for over a hundred years. Every White women who would date a negro is really only a willing victim in an age-old war against Whites. Every White woman with non-White children is a willing traitor who has contributed to the destruction of White society.

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 30 - World War 2 Vet Beaten to Death by Four Negro Beasts

The Huffington Post called them "teens", and the Delta-Democrat Times referred to them as "people", however the four negro beasts who beat 87-year-old Lawrence Thornton to death are certainly not either. Rather, they are wild beasts worthy of nothing but to have been shot on site.

Whites would be quick to shoot bears or wolves which roam their neighborhoods devouring the innocent. Why do negroes merit anything different?


The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 29 - Negro "teen" Shoots Angler in Face While Trying to Loot Boat

It isn't going to end, at least until Whites finally realize that the murderous negro animals roaming our streets are not "teens", and that there is no crime problem: rather, there is a negro problem!

Day after day Whites are raped, pillaged, and killed by negro beasts out for a quick fix or some temporary pleasure. They are not people, they are animals. Wild animals. It is time that Whites properly quantified the problem, and drove the animals back into the jungles where they belong!

Pictured here is professional angler Jimmy Johnson, and the beast who shot him in the face, killing him, when he got caught robbing his boat. The local news outlets referred to this beast, a negro animal with the Anglo name of "Shaun Brown", as a "teen". That is not any different than calling a puppy an "infant". Animals are not "teens".

Visit the Afrikaner Genocide Museum

Of course, there is no "media outcry" for White people!

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Living on a Thin Line

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We can hardly approve of much of their work, but here The Kinks aptly describe the state of Britain today.


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