National Action Speak in Darlington

We originally posted this video on November 26th, 2016, twelve days after the event that it documents. Here we retain our original comments, but we have removed the Youtube link, as the account there has been terminated for terms of service violations:

This is a clip of a speech from a march at Darlington, November 14th 2016. See the National Action website. They are the only organization we have yet seen in England that knows the true nature of the struggle which our race faces, and this brave speech sums it up nicely.

On December 16th, 2016, the National Action group was proscribed by the British government under their "Terrorism Act", which we view as a severe repression of freedom of expression in Britain. Since December 2016, many former National Action members have been arrested and imprisoned, simply for being members of a group which has been disbanded. They are being imprisoned unjustly for participating in a political group at a time when it was not illegal to do so. This we see as a severe repression of our recognized concept of freedom of association.




On October 9th, 2018, We received an email message from an unidentified individual at the email address This is the police department for London, England but not for the (((City of London))) which is a jurisdiction of its own. We will reproduce that message below. The Met Police, as they are called, evidently want to shame us into removing this video, simply because the group is a "Neo-Nazi" group, and had allegedly violated their "Terrorism Act 2006". 

Now we can only wonder, if Muslims perpetrated the July 7th, 2005 London bombings, why isn't Islam proscribed? Why isn't every Muslim website in Britain taken off-line, and all Muslim publications shut down? 

The email also asked us not to reproduce, or even to print, the email !!!

We are not going to remove this video. We have a right to retain and post this video for documentary purposes. We are not subject to British law. In fact, some of our ancestors helped kick their asses out of these colonies for very similar reasons, and we would be willing to do it again.

Not only do the (((British authorities))) want to oppress any native resistance to their destructive globalist and anti-British agenda, but they also evidently want to erase any record that such a resistance ever even existed.

In our opinion, the Met Police is staffed with a gaggle of cucks, traitors and infiltrators. If any of them are actually British, they should be eternally ashamed for betraying a hundred generations of their own ancestors.

What follows is a reproduction (cut-and-paste) of the October 9th email we received from They had the audacity to put the words "National Action - Online Abuse" in the Subject line, as if we are abusing anyone for merely keeping a record of a political event! We believe they should arrest the entire BBC for telling anyone about Hitler!



Good Morning

As part of the Counter Terrorism Command of the United Kingdom, The Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) works in cooperation with industry and private sector companies globally to remove illegal online content that breaches the UK's terrorism provisions and companies Terms and Conditions.

The link below is  a repository of videos featuring 'National Action', a group proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the U.K in December 2016. This group is a neo-Nazi group that was established in 2013 and has branches across the U.K. Their online propaganda material which is usually disseminated via Social Media and other video sharing platforms frequently features extremely violent imagery and language. National Action also promoted and encouraged acts of terrorism after the murder of Jo Cox, a British Member of Parliament. They seek to incite acts of domestic terrorism with inflammatory racist propaganda and to glorify and encourage acts of such terrorism within the U.K. 

The videos are therefore in breach of Sections 1 & 2 of the Terrorism Act 2006.

Please can you remove this video from your platform.

Many thanks,


London, UK


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