The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 1

Elin Krantz before her gruesome murder by an immigrant beast

Once upon a time when aliens flooded a land and began raping the women, it was an act of war. The men of the land would rise up, the invaders were repelled or destroyed, and once the threat had been eliminated, repentance and a prayer for peace would again prevail in the hearts of the people.


However today, the aliens are renamed  immigrants, and the rapes and murders of the native women are called crimes. The story of Elin Krantz is exactly that.


The attractive 27-year-old had been out on a Saturday evening in Gothenburg, and was going home on a tram with a friend. After Elin and the friend parted company, she never made it home herself. Instead, her naked body was later found in a wooded area by a tram station. Her head was brutally beaten, causing massive brain damage. Her vagina was torn apart. She had been raped and abused with objects such as bottles and rocks in a most horrible, bestial fashion.


Elin was abducted, raped and killed by a 23-year old Ethiopian male beast labelledEphrem Tadele Yohannes”. There is much physical evidence in this case, including surveillance pictures of the two on the tram. There is no doubt about the guilt of the perpetrator, although it still denies the crime. 


Cameras are sometimes effective tools by which to catch criminals, but they do not prevent crimes. Not when the criminals are wolves oblivious to detection devices. Ten thousand more cameras would not have saved Elin, and neither shall they save the next Swedish woman from the hands of a beast on the prowl. 


Neither do cameras prevent alien invasions – only men can do that. The only way to protect the sheep, is to remove the wolves from the sheepfold. The first step in this process, however, is to recognize and admit that the wolves exist! 


Yet who has renamed the aliens as immigrants? Who labels these vicious attacks as mere crimes? The jewish-controlled media, academics, and politicians who are all working towards the same corporate globalist agenda. Orwell and Huxley, in their own ways, warned us about all this over half a century ago. 


Elin Krantz is not alone. She is but one of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of White European, Australian and American women devoured by beasts each year. Most of these are not noticed, because most are not quite as violent – but in the long run they are just as destructive.


 Until White men recognize the agenda, and stop feeding the beast that is destroying them, the perpetrators cannot be stopped. Shamefully, many White men would rather be sleeping with each other, than protecting their sisters from the wolves. It is time for all White men and women, those who consider themselves Christian or not, to come out of Babylon – lest ye suffer her punishments.


There is a story on the Krantz case here, from an alternative Swedish news source, Politiskt Inkorrekt 

 Nearly all (the last three parts were omitted) of the Swedish police report on the Krantz case may be downloaded by clicking here. Caution! Some parts are quite graphic.