The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 15 - Get off the Pub Stools!

25-year-old Luke Fitzpatrick

What good are Englishmen to their own race today? Get off the pub stools, get out off the couches, and start standing up for England before the Kaffirs have all of your asses bleeding in the streets!

A gang of negro savages, as the Daily Mail reports, has stabbed to death 25-year-old Luke Fitzpatrick after dragging him out of a pub. His father, 56, is in critical condition after he was also stabbed  trying to protect his son.

"A gang of 20 hooded youths stormed a pub after the Champions League final before dragging away a 25-year old man and stabbing him to death in scenes 'like a horror film', friends said today."

(Read more at the Mail Online...)

The Mail reports "'Everyone in the pub knows each other, we all grew up together, we are a really close community. It was such a good atmosphere in the pub then within a minute it was changed by a minority just looking for trouble."

What the Mail does not report, is how many White people remained in the pub doing nothing as the Kaffirs beat and stabbed the men whom they dragged outside.