The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 18 - Girl Killed for a Bicycle

Autumn Pasquale

12-year old Autumn Pasquale was killed for her bicycle by the two animals pictured below, known by English names as "Dante Robinson" and "Justin Davidson", as reported by several New Jersey news outlets.  One of the beasts went so far as to "Like" a Facebook page set up to locate the missing girl (see the article here at

The girl, a BMX fan, was apparently lured to the home of the beasts where she was murdered with a promise of parts for her bicycle. She was then strangled to death, forcing her to part with her bicycle.

When wild animals kill people, they are usually shot on sight. Sadly, these animals will be treated as people and cost the tax-payers millions before all is said and done with. When shall White parents teach their children to stay away from wild beasts?