The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 33 - Niggers Shouldn't Be Given Matches

Pictured here is the "suspect", Christopher Harrison, who has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly setting two men on fire along a Maryland highway.

You won't see this on national news. Just this week, two White men were set on fire by niggers. Originally, the media reported that they were "co-workers" and traveling together on their way home from a job site in Baltimore. Lately, it has been learned that they were not co-workers, but that the apes had attacked the White men unprovoked (i.e. We should have known better than to think the niggers who did this actually had jobs. The first White man is engulfed in flames. The second apparently escaped from his flaming clothing and is seen in his underwear, moaning in pain on the ground. All the nearby niggers wanted to do was laugh and take pictures. This should be a national news story, but apparently White lives do not matter to Jewish media.