Britain Last: With No Remaining Political Options

We have not yet decided how it is that we should interpret the latest Muslim agitation in Manchester. We can only surmise that if there were any victims, perhaps that Grande cretin may have been grandest of them all, but unfortunately these scripts are never written in that manner. Of course, the media has already reported that “ISIS” has taken the blame, which obviously absolves all of the muslims of Britain. We hope you sense the sarcasm. Now as this latest episode of muslim agitation unfolds, we consider the prospects for Britain, and we are certain that in any event, the government’s policy will once again be Britain Last.

Out of all of the British Nationalist groups we have seen, only a couple of late have actually even been aware of the root cause of Britain’s woes, and this past December National Action was completely proscribed, labelled an extremist group and shut down by the government.

The other is the intellectually formidable Jez Turner of the London Forum. We have run many of his excellent articles in the pages of this Saxon Messenger. This true British patriot is now being harassed by Her Majesty’s favorite tribe, and awaiting prosecution for his “anti-semitism.”

Yet even the most harmless of British opposition to the government’s policy of Islamization is being persecuted. Tommy Robinson, which is a pseudonym for Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was a co-founder and leader of the so-called English Defence League, which is an anti-Islamic and decidedly pro-Zionist “street protest” movement. Hardly a threat to the established order.

Lately Tommy, as we will call him, had left the EDL and has been working for Rebel Media, which is billed as “a Canadian right-wing online political and social commentary media platform” and which was founded by a Jew named Ezra Levant. Neither can this organization be viewed as a threat to Jewish world supremacy.

However lately Tommy was arrested filming outside the courthouse at a trial for “alleged” rapists. London’s Metro newspaper reports that “Police arrested the newly styled ‘journalist’ after he went to Canterbury Crown Court to report on a case about a girl’s alleged rape over a kebab shop.” Another outlet,, ran a headline that Robinson was arrested for “attempted journalism”, which was not true, but they were taking a cheap stab at Robinson’s legitimacy.

Of course, even if we do not like Rebel Media, it is an established media presence on the Internet, and Robinson has been reporting for them, but the newspapers cannot seem to come to grip0s with the fact that such a position makes Robinson a journalist. If it isn’t the same tired old Jewish-controlled newspapers spouting the same philo-Semitic and philo-Islamic drivel, they obviously don’t believe that it can be journalism.

In spite of their lack of acceptance, the Metro account said that:

Caolan Robertson, from website The Rebel [sic,, “real” journalists should get it straight] which Mr Robinson was reporting for, said: “The police claim that Tommy was in ‘contempt of court’ for filming his report outside the courthouse – for ‘livestreaming’ some quick comments from his cell phone while standing on the court house steps.

“But that’s where journalists report on court cases all the time. Tommy didn’t do anything unusual. He didn’t film anyone other than himself. And when a court official asked him to move, he did. We did our work, and then we left. If Tommy had done anything wrong, why didn’t the police say something, right then and there?”

As the report also informs us, the Bedfordshire Police later announced that they went to Tommy’s home and arrested him there. If Tommy was breaking the law, he should have been arrested by the police who were present at the scene. Therefore it is indeed obvious that the arrest is an act of political harassment.

The Britain First party is a loyalist party which can hardly be considered xenophobic, racist, or anti-semitic. Yet even these luke-warm dweebs are compelled to post a prominent page on their website denouncing racism. Yet they are described by as a “radical right-wing” party, when they are nothing of the sort. This is the chutzpah of the liberal media in Britain, to label the most innocuous law-and-order centrists as being “radical right-wing”, an example of Orwellian language in its finest hour.

The party has only been campaigning to bring into a wider public light the hundreds of known incidents of muslim grooming and rape gangs throughout Britain, and they have been doing so sinceat least the time of the infamous Rotherham scandal after it broke in 2015. In that one incident alone there were over 1,400 child victims. However a comprehensive map put together by the people behind a website called Kafir Crusaders documents many more incidents of organized muslim rape and grooming gangs across Britain – at least a hundred and twenty more.

As it was reported on May 11th by, the party leaders “Paul Golding, 35, and Jayda Fransen, 31, were detained yesterday on suspicion of inciting religious hatred after posting videos on social media. They have been bailed until next month.” They were only “inciting religious hatred” by reporting the simple fact that the perpetrators in the Ramsgate rape trial which they were campaigning to bring a greater public awareness of were all muslims. In the Ramsgate trial, four adult muslim males are on trial for repeatedly gang-raping a 16-year-old British girl in a filthy room above a kebab shop. A few days later again reported that Britain First leaders Golding and Fransen were banned from five undisclosed areas of Kent as a condition of their bail in the earlier arrest.

God forbid the general British public learn that thousands of young British girls have been raped, and even groomed as sex slaves, by muslims in Britain. God forbid the general British public ever be persuaded to stand up and defend their own children. For all British police and politicians, Britain is last.

The British people do not have a chance of opposing their own destruction politically. There is no political salvation in a nation where the destruction of youth cannot be challenged, and if a nation cannot defend its youth it is destined for a short-term demise.

Putting Britain first should be about more than football games. It is high time that Brits march on Westminster with pitchforks and axes, or they never march again.

Only Yahshua Christ their true King can give them the courage and fortitude to do that.