Confessions of a Missionary Kid

by Sandi Blanchard

My Story

I was born and raised a missionary kid (MK), but I never allowed myself to really think about it until last year (when I was 54 years old) - believe it or not. That's because we were told from as early as I can remember that we must not do or say anything that would reflect negatively on Dad.   I was not sure I could honestly look at my life without dishonoring my Dad or God…. When I let myself think, it was like a dam broke…..

On October 6, 1953 a little baby girl was born to the Nelson family in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philippines.  That was me.  I was one of five children.  As a baby I had bad colic and cried for the first three months – so I was often placed in another room at the other end of the house to cry by myself, or the house girls (maids) would put me on their backs while they skated our wooden floor with their feet on coconut shells, which gave the floor a beautiful shine and kept me quiet at the same time. Once the colic passed, I became a very outgoing, happy little girl. 

I grew up in a simple, rural setting way out in the province – sort of like Little House on the Prairie gone native. My parents were a doctor and nurse medical team.  We lived on a compound of missionaries who all worked at my Dad’s hospital or in the area doing other things.  Of course, all my friends were the children of the other missionaries on the compound.  We only had electricity when Dad fired up the generator every afternoon to do surgery. Our refrigerator and stove was kerosene (I believe), we ironed with a charcoal iron, had a wringer washer and dried our clothes on the line outside, and used kerosene lamps at night after the generator was shut down. We had to be very careful how much electricity we used when the generator was on as it was shared by the hospital and the other missionaries. We also had an old crank telephone. One ring was my Dad.  Anyone could pick up the line and listen. We had no TV, and as children we played outside until we dropped.  We used to lie on our backs and watch the stars and think “deep thoughts”.  We heated our water on the stove and poured it into a big tub for our bath while Mom told us stories of when she was a child. Our roads were dirt and gravel and very rutted – so travel was slow and bumpy.  To my childish mind, that made the trip more interesting.  I actually preferred gravel roads to boring paved roads.  We called all the other missionaries “Aunt” and “Uncle”.  I guess this was to make up for the fact that since we were torn from our real families, we were taught to pretend everyone there was family instead.  It sounds like the perfect place to raise children, and in many ways it was. I was a happy little kid.  We thought we were normal children growing up in a normal family. 

The first time I saw America and my blood relatives was when I was three years old and we went on furlough to the States. As my maternal grandparents lived in New York in a small town, we just moved in with them for the year. That was the only year I new my Grandpa. I don’t have many memories of him.  Then we went back to the Philippines for another four years, through my second grade.  The missionaries started a little three-room school on our compound for all us children and that’s where I went to school.  A teacher came out from the states to help the moms teach us.  That freed up most of the moms to do their missionary work. 

My second trip to America was when I was going into the third grade. Again, we went to live with my Grandma in New York. I started to think maybe I was from New York… but wasn’t sure.  After one year, we returned to the Philippines for another four years – through my seventh grade. My best friend was Susie – born two weeks before me.  We were inseparable – until our fifth grade year when the mission board moved her family to another place to minister and my heart broke in two.  I tried so hard not to show how much it hurt because I thought God separated us and I loved God. It was so hard…. My parents opened a dorm to take in other missionaries’ children so they could attend our little school. Our dorm had children from first grade to eighth grade. Then off they were sent to the big schools 600 or more miles away for high school:  Brent in Baguio or Faith Academy in Manila. 

By the time I was in seventh grade, I had no classmates, and my brother had only one classmate. So I was sent to boarding school at Brent for the second half of seventh grade.  Boy was I homesick!!!  Wow!!  I didn’t know it would be that hard.  When I wrote my first letter home, I remember being told by my older sister: "Don't tell them how you feel, it will just make Mom sad." I said "I won't lie to Mom and Dad"..... I asked them to please let me come home, but if it wasn’t God’s will, to please send my pink blanket.  On Dad’s next business trip he had a pink blanket under his arm…. I knew the answer – I was now a boarding kid.   I've made myself be "fine" ever since.  After all, going to boarding school was “normal.” 

We went back to the States for my eighth grade – but this time we went to California. YIKES!!! I was terrified!  I remembered New York and the church kids, but California??????  That’s where my paternal grandparents had moved, as well as my Dad’s bother and his family. So that’s where we went. This time my maternal Grandma flew to California to live with us for our furlough year. 

Every furlough we traveled as a family all summer visiting all the churches that sent monthly support to my parents so they could be missionaries. We would line up as children on the platform and sing for the churches, I would play the piano, and we looked like the perfect missionary family. No one would have ever guessed that we kids were hurting. If asked, we would have said we were fine.  We became experts at being on stage and making our Dad look good – because we loved our Dad and we loved God.  And it was our job to make Dad look good and be perfect children. 

Adjusting to living in America as an eighth grader, I was like a fish out of water…. People moved fast, ate fast, walked fast, talked fast, and I had no context to understand what was going on. I felt so odd in youth group and thought I looked funny.  They sang popular songs and talked about TV and I was clueless…. But I fit in as best as possible.  That’s when I realized, I’m not FROM anywhere.  I don’t belong anywhere.  People would ask me, “Where are you from?”  I would give them a stupid look and gape because I didn’t know what I was supposed to say… “Malaybalay, Bukidnon”???  New York ???  California ??? 

I was glad to leave and get back to the Philippines where I understood the culture.  Of course, for the rest of my schooling, I was in boarding school – this time at Faith Academy in Manila – a large school for missionaries’ children.  My dorm mates became my family.  When decisions had to be made (big or little), I made them by myself – I couldn’t call Mom and Dad and letters took too long.  They really were not there for all those growing up important years.  I talked over deep things with my friends who were in the same boat.  We went through all those things teenagers go through but without input or guidance from Mom and Dad. I only went home for Christmas break and summer break – and I was SO GLAD to be home, I just smiled and enjoyed being with them like a sponge soaking up water – but we never talked about heart issues. 

Graduating from Faith Academy was like a death…. It meant saying goodbye, maybe forever, to our adopted brothers and sisters knowing we may never see each other again. It meant saying goodbye to a life I understood and entering our own countries feeling like aliens.  I sobbed getting on the jet for “home”…. terrified of California where I knew we were headed.  I have gotten very good at saying goodbye – I’ve stopped trying to make a close friend.  I guess I have learned that’s one way to protect my heart…. 

I got to live with my parents for my freshman year of college, and then they returned to the Philippines for another four years. Now I was placed under my Aunt and Uncle’s guardianship.  I thank God for my loving Aunt and Uncle who took me in and gave me some stability.  The next time I saw my parents was two weeks before my wedding, after I had already graduated from college. They missed all those years, too, including the special time of finding my husband Lawrence Blanchard and planning my wedding.  My husband and I went to seminary after we got married and right out of seminary we became missionaries to the Philippines for three 2-year terms. Specifically, we went to work at Faith Academy as boarding parents – because I understood what the kids were feeling and wanted to be there for them. Besides, I felt obliged to be a missionary and it was a life I was trained for... My husband was curious and wanted to see missions for himself firsthand before entering the pastorate. 

When we were at Faith Academy as boarding parents, we noticed that some parents dumped their kids in our dorm and NEVER WROTE THEM ONE LETTER. Some were heads of their mission.  When we raised this issue and said that something was wrong - long before we could put our finger on it – we were requested to leave this issue alone. That's why we left. The Filipino church we were a part of also told us they wished the missionaries would go home - that we don't really understand them and they don't need or really want us (just our money). They told us to go teach our own people about God.  They were right. We were given the release by God to come home by some Filipinos who spoke the truth.  

The High Cost of Being a Missionary 

Being a missionary requires parents to sacrifice their children for the Lord’s work. We were often quoted the verse about forsaking houses, lands, CHILDREN, etc. for the Lord's sake .... and of course, we couldn't question God. So we couldn't question this.  I've come to the conclusion that this verse has been seriously misinterpreted (among others) - partly to justify sending children away in order to pursue a career. I think what this verse is really talking about are adult children who do not choose to follow the Lord, or are rebellious children, or when we have to choose between what God clearly commands vs. family opinion and things.  But if the whole Bible is taken into account, God is very clear on parents raising their own children (Deuteronomy 6:7-8). He is also very specific on leaders being men who have their children in subjection (I Timothy 3:4-5). That means, they need to be parents who are there for their children and discipline them when they need it and teach them daily - not send them away for someone else to raise or to raise themselves as best they can.

In our family, all that was sacrificed for a career with the best intentions – serving the Lord.  I have only recently realized that the world missions movement teaches that child sacrifice is what pleases God - but I do not believe the Bible teaches this.  Children are a gift from God to the parents who are supposed to raise them in every respect to become godly men and women. We were turned over to others to raise for much of our lives.... some were good and some were not - but for the most part we raised ourselves.  We made some major life decisions as teenagers which later (sometimes years later) Dad would sometimes reverse without much, if any, explanation – causing great heart break. But we trusted Dad as we trusted God and did what he said.  We didn't feel free to share our hearts and questions with others who were not Mom and Dad - and Mom and Dad were unavailable.   But we kids all got the message - Filipinos (missions) and Dad's reputation were more important than us kids....we were sort of in the way.  Being sent away to boarding school made us feel invisible, in a way.  This has had an effect on our self-esteem, because we knew that, although we were dearly loved, we were at the bottom of the list.  We didn't dare think this, much less voice it, or we will have sinned by dishonoring our parents. We have been caught in a trap.... and we're all trying to deal with it in our own way.  This was reinforced by the “care packages” that would arrive from the churches in the States filled with old clothes and even tea bags that were used “only once but still have plenty of good tea left for you.”  We used to laugh and have fun with the funny clothes.   But we got the message. 

Last year, I tried to remember times with my brothers and sisters when we were growing up and realized I DIDN’T HAVE HARDLY ANY MEMORIES because we were separated early on and there weren’t many memories, except those few furlough years and vacations.  I was feeling guilty for not being a good sister…. We were pretty much all on our own. 

I missed mother-daughter time. We had house girls that did the house work and cooking and missionary teachers did our schooling so Mom could work as a missionary (which was expected of her).  So I learned about growing up on my own in college and after I got married. I remember two years where I got that precious time with my Mom – eighth grade and my freshman year of college. But we missed out on so much…. What we did have were great family vacations.  We lived for those vacations. We traveled a lot and that was fun!  Vacations were wonderful!  Thank God for vacations!!  But that was “fun time”. We didn’t really talk about life issues and what was in our hearts.  We thought Mom and Dad were perfect. They never fought or raised their voices.  How could we bare our imperfect, sinful hearts to them without disappointing them and destroying our few sweet moments together? 

These days, many missionary moms have chosen to home school their children and not send them to boarding school.  Other mission agencies strongly encourage the moms to work alongside their husbands and send the children away.  I don’t think my Mom was ever given the option to home school us. We were lucky we had a school on our compound for the early grades until it slowly disintegrated. When my husband and I were boarding parents, we saw children sent away as early as first grade. My little brother was sent away starting in sixth grade and my little sister was sent away in second grade. It has hurt her with lifelong scars that I don’t think my parents have been able to face.  It’s hard to ask for forgiveness from your children when you thought you were doing God’s work. 

So, my sister has been deeply wounded for lack of the truth. My brothers, sisters and I survived – to one degree or another. But I personally know MKs who did not make it. They ended up turning their backs on God because their parents sacrificed them for God’s work. They lost their faith and never recovered.  Many other MKs have been seriously scarred and hurt - but we've all lost time we can never regain, memories that never happened, being from somewhere, belonging, having a home.....  And when we are together, we can't say what we really think because the truth is too painful... It's much easier to pretend we’re all OK (because that feels more like we’re honoring Mom and Dad and God) than to discuss the truth.  I find I am still trying to find a way to reclaim what was lost.... but that isn't possible.  It feels like we're left in limbo to fend for ourselves as best we can....  but God isn't done yet.  He is still healing my heart. 

The Double Standard 

Being a missionary kid was confusing.  We were told one thing, but life often was very different.  When we were growing up, we lived on a separate compound, went to only White schools and were forbidden to even think about dating a Filipino.  And we wanted it that way.  That seemed normal and logical. My parents wouldn’t dream of placing us in the local Filipino school (thank God).  When interracial dating occurred in another missionary family, the whole family was sent home. It was never explained to us missionary kids why we suddenly lost our friends.  When we were growing up it was absolutely wrong to race mix – although we never really knew why. 

Then suddenly, things changed in ABWE (my parent’s mission organization) and it was OK for Americans to marry Filipinos. A missionary lost his wife and married a Filipina “Bible Woman” (a “Bible Woman” taught the Bible to other women and children).  That was a mystery too.  What was once so wrong was suddenly OK.  I thought our standard was based on Scripture, but began to see that it was based on the culture of the times.  Once the Supreme Court made interracial marriage “legal” in 1967 suddenly it became right.  Now that society has changed, it now appears that race mixing is suddenly not only accepted, but promoted in the churches.  Who makes the laws?  God or the Supreme Court? 

I believe now, before God, that I know why we are not to race mix.  The Bible teaches that God created each race as good and distinct for His own purposes. Everything He created was good, but He also set the boundaries of “kind after kind.”  His creation command stands firm: “kind after kind” (Genesis 1) and “do not mix the seed” (Lev. 19:19).  It is obvious that the different races are not the same kind.  If we allow race mixing to continue, we will destroy our family line, our race, the other races, and God’s purpose for each of the distinct races which He created. 

When we attended the local Filipino church every Sunday, I couldn't wait to come home and just be with our own kind on the compound.  I always felt different - very different. Our differences went far beyond skin color.  We don't think the same, react the same, or even smell the same, for starters. Yet, we were supposed to think that there was no difference between us and the Filipinos except culture.  We were told that there was no difference between Americans and Filipinos and that the American was not superior. However, we lived differently – very differently and very separate.  The Filipinos treated us like royalty.  I remember being led to the front of the church for a meal where they served us while the whole church watched. The Filipinos used to sing: “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” – meaning that they wanted to live like an American.  The housegirls even called me as a teenager “Mum”.  They knew we were different.  

As an adult missionary, I felt the differences even more keenly. As a woman, I had a very hard time trying to belong there.  I really tried.  I began to really want to be with my own people but felt very guilty for my feelings. So I tried to stuff them and feel like a missionary.  I was so glad when we came home to the U.S. for good.

Why Did Our Parents Sacrifice Us?

We were sacrificed for world missions theology. I Corinthians 15:22 says, “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.” So it comes down to the question, Is redemption and salvation for all peoples on the planet or only for all peoples descended from Adam?  World missions theology is absolutely correct in their interpretation IF the context of Scripture is clearly for every race on the planet due to all races coming genetically from Adam.

 But what IF only one of the many races could come from Adam?  The Bible clearly states in Genesis 5:1 that this is the record or book of Adam and his generations. All of the biblical covenants, including the New Covenant, clearly trace to Adam’s race.   The honest answer to this question determines the interpretation of all of Scripture. 

When we look back into the history of our nation, we clearly discover that America began as a White, Christian nation which forbade any other religion–especially Catholicism and the Jesuits. 1 Interracial marriage was absolutely forbidden in the churches and many states.2  And God greatly blessed America. 

Slowly the churches let down their guard, welcoming anyone and everyone with their belief systems into our once godly nation.  We have accepted all their rules for society, promoting tolerance and diversity. America has become a melting pot of race, religions, and every evil under the sun.  States started issuing marriage licenses (licenses are permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal) so that the races could intermarry. California was the first State to legalize interracial marriage in 1948. Then in 1967 the Supreme Court passed a law making interracial marriage legal.  Now they are legalizing same sex “marriage”.  And as God begins to judge us, we sing in our churches “God bless America.”  How can He?  Somewhere down the line the seminaries and pastors stopped teaching and being the guardians of the truth and were silenced or bought out by the 501(c)(3) tax exemption status. 

World missions theology became acceptable because it seems so loving, when in reality it is misapplying Scripture and trying to change God's purpose for His creation and actually promotes the destruction of God’s unique creation. We MKs are the collateral damage.  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His calling and purpose are irrevocable. God doesn't change and neither does His plan. 

We MKs were sacrificed for world missions theology which teaches that all races came from Adam. Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis said that if all races did not come from Adam, "how can they [Christians] justify sending missionaries to every tribe and nation?"3   God clearly created the races each good (Genesis 1) and each unique for His own purpose and glory. But they do not all have the same purpose. God also commanded “kind after kind” - He didn't want His creation mixed up. We have no permission from God to mix and destroy what He created as unique.  God created Adam for a specific purpose - he was given the job of dominion to rule in righteousness and justice as God’s representative on earth and therefore, in order to carry out this job, only Adam was made in the image of God.

Only Adam's descendants came from Adam, which I believe can be proved from the Bible, as well as history, to be the Caucasian race.4 We were the ones created in God's image and given the responsibility of taking dominion to rule the world to bring it under subjection to God. It is we, Adam's race, that has failed miserably, broken His laws and commands and covenants, and we need redemption. The Bible was written to Adam's race about Adam's race.  "As in Adam, all die, so in Christ will all be made alive"(I Corinthians 15:22) speaks of only one race - Adam's descendants. 

We have never really understood our purpose as a race or God's covenants with us and therefore have misapplied Scripture.  If we, Adam's race, would repent, come under God's authority and start fully obeying Him and His laws and take dominion as God would have us, the rest of the world would fall into place. But so far, we are trying to change God's purpose and plan and give the responsibility, covenants and promises He gave to us to others.... not understanding that Jesus HAD to die to redeem us and re-create us in God's image to restore us IN ORDER to fulfill His original purpose for us. That's what the New Covenant is about.  There is no Plan B.  I’m not saying that other races can't worship God or love God. They should. He is their Creator.  But they don't have the same purpose in God's creation. And we have to leave that in God's hands and take up our responsibility. God is a God of order. His creation has an order and it is our God-given purpose to maintain God’s order.

Truth is the Bottom Line

Our opinions and intentions have no bearing on the truth. The truth stands on its own.  It does not rely on our stamp of approval.  The truth is that all races are different - they didn't evolve - God made us very different because He wanted us different. He has a plan and we, through world missions, interracial marriage, and now bringing into the world children of no race - and therefore, no purpose - are destroying that plan. But it can't be completely destroyed, because God won't let it fail. I don't resent my parents' whole life and how we were raised.  They did it thinking that was God's plan.  Though their hearts were in the right place, wanting to serve God, and they have received a lot of praise and recognition from men, that doesn't make world missions right. Nor does it make child sacrifice right.

What else isn't right is that we have never been able to talk openly and honestly about this.  I never realized how the search for truth would divide our family.  I thought we all loved the truth.  But I think what we really love is our idea of what we want to be the truth. Truth is the bottom line - and either we accept or reject it.  But we can't change it.  What we think of it doesn't matter.  God didn't ask our opinion.  So there are a lot of broken hearts because much of what we thought was the truth, turned out not to be the truth - and that is what we were sacrificed for.  I guess the whole purpose of life is to test us to see if we love the truth or not - because Jesus is the truth. His way is the truth - and it is narrow and hard. 

I cherish my godly upbringing and my family.  What I was taught was to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, strength and mind.  I was taught that the entire Bible was the Word of God.  I was taught that I was a sinner saved by grace through faith through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.  I was taught that my life must be in accordance with Scripture.  I was taught to seek the truth and follow it regardless of what man might say.  I was taught to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and entrust all my life and needs to His care.

So what went wrong?  How could I, a missionary kid, former missionary and pastor’s wife, have changed so much in my theology?  All that I was taught as mentioned above is what I believe and practice today.  But I have come to a different conclusion then what I was taught regarding who Adam was.  For that answer of who Adam was is the basis for my other conclusions.  If we don’t rightly understand who Adam was, the rest of our biblical interpretation will be skewed.

You need to know a couple things about how my husband and I came to this conclusion.  I can say before God that I have studied the Bible more in the last twelve years than I did in my entire life up to that point.  I simply presumed that all I had been taught was indeed the truth because it was taught to me in all sincerity.  But some things came up and I had to study for myself.  I have wrestled and grappled and struggled with my conclusions knowing full well the cost.  It has cost me everything.  I have lost almost every friend I had before 1996 because they think I am a heretic – including many of my MK friends.  When we asked them to show us where we are wrong, they said they would get back to us.  No one has spoken to us since.  That was several years ago now.  And that is only partially the price we have paid.  But what we have lost is nothing compared to what we have gained in Christ Jesus.

Truth cannot be denied.  If Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life - then the truth will not conflict with His revealed Word.  I also believe that we must worship God in spirit and in truth.  So I have loved the search for truth and devoured both the Scripture and many books in search of the truth as well as spent hours in prayer asking God to please keep my husband and me from deception.

 After returning home from the mission field, we realized that America was not the Christian nation we thought it was.  My husband and I started searching because we looked at our "Christian" nation filled with Judeo-Christian churches who have discarded God's laws as no longer relevant, loved the Jews, supported and did everything possible to promote the Jewish "state of Israel", sent missionaries all over the world, and welcomed into our land all the foreigners.  If the Jews are who they claim to be and if the biblical nations are all the races on the planet, and if God's laws no longer apply as long as we love everyone - then we ought to be the most blessed nation on earth, abounding in the blessings of God.  What we instead see is a nation that is living out and reaping the curses of Deuteronomy 28.  We are hurtling toward self-destruction faster than any great nation in the history of our people.  We are overrun with every sort of evil.  Something is really wrong with this picture.

No one wants to admit it, but THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES ON!!  It took a child to say what was obvious but what the adults wouldn't admit.

When this truth was presented to my husband and me, we were stunned.  We knew that someone was right and someone was wrong and we had to find out for ourselves. One thing we have always believed is that truth fears no investigation. Every free minute practically was spent in study.  The more we studied the more we realized several things.

1)  The only part of God's law that was canceled was the ordinances (the religious rituals that looked forward to Christ) that were nailed to the cross along with the death sentence. We cannot justify ourselves by observing the law.  We are only justified by grace through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ for His people.   But every command of God reflects God's holiness.  Every command reveals what godliness is - what righteousness looks like in our everyday world.  Am I ungodly for loving God's laws?  I obey His laws out of love and the deepest gratitude for what He has done for me.  And I can find every main law reiterated in the New Testament - except the sacrificial laws.

2)  Then we studied all the biblical covenants.  We discovered that you can't have the New Covenant (Testament) without the Old Covenant (Testament) - it is based on the Old Covenant.  They are inseparably connected.  The Old Covenant is based on God's promises to Abraham which He gave on oath and which are never to be repealed. The New Covenant in the blood of Jesus Christ is based on God's promises to Abraham and brings His promise to fulfillment.  It had to be studied.  Covenants are sacred bonds between very specific parties.  The parties had to be identified.  The Bible clearly identifies the parties to the New Covenant in Jeremiah 31:31 and Hebrews 8:8-10 and 9:15.  (Also, see Luke 1:31-33 & vs.67-78).  But we also saw in I Corinthians 15 that "all" was traced to Adam's line, for IN ADAM "all" died, and in Christ ("the last Adam") "all" are made alive - "all" is very clearly in the context of Adam's descendents.  So it became very, very important to determine who Adam's race was.

3)  We then started at the very beginning - the very best place to start - and read with new eyes.  The more honestly we read, examining many times almost every word - the more we realized that we had misidentified almost every party in the Bible.  It's like reading a book but ignoring the introduction that names all the players - thus misidentifying the main characters and coming to the wrong conclusion.  We studied Adam with great zeal because Gen. 5:1 made it clear that the Bible is about Adam.  Either all races came from Adam or only one race came from Adam.  You can't have it both ways.  Using the Bible (and studying it in context), science, anthropology - not to mention using the eyes, brain and common sense which God gave us - we had to admit that only one race could come from Adam (or Noah).  Adam and Noah weren't some sort of freaks that were all races rolled into one who miraculously produced children of distinct races for a short period of time and whose descendents then could only reproduced according to their race as we see today.  That's preposterous.  God gave us eyes to see and common sense.  He gave us centuries of history to show that these "mutations" could not have caused the existence of the distinct races we see today like some creation scientists would like you to believe.  God created each race by His sovereign choice.

God is the God of order and perfect design.  God - the Absolute Sovereign Creator of the great variety of all we see - created every race with varieties within each race for His own purposes and glory!  Then, God made it very clear through repeated evidence that kind reproduces kind and their offspring will not deviate unless they intentionally are mixed.   One of the great laws of science is that it must be observable and repeatable to be fact - otherwise one's conclusions are simply theory.  When we don't mess with God's ordained order, it is very clear. Each race reproduces its own kind.  It is very repeatable and observable and does not deviate.  It also is in perfect accord with God's command to reproduce kind after kind.  It maintains the perfect order and variety God created for His glory.   We could not deny the glorious plan of God.  Once that was clear - and it is so clear - we had to grapple with the question, "What about the other races?"

4)  This was very difficult.  I know that my whole family's purpose has been to win the Filipinos (and all other races) to Christ.  No - this was not easy to tackle.  I knew that the cost here could be very high.  But I had to find out the truth.  Are the other races parties to any of the covenants in the Bible?  The answer is "no".  God created all the other races as good and for His purposes.  But they were not God's special creation, Adamkind.  They were not created with the same purpose.  Adam was created to have a special relationship with God and to rule God's creation  - including the other races - according to God's righteous laws. That is why God created Adam in His own image.  God then chose Israel to be His treasured possession and wife.  The whole story of the Bible is the story of God and His wife, national Israel - who was an adulterous, idolatrous wife - whom He finally divorced and sent away according to His own Law. Only a tiny portion of the house of Judah was spared in order for Jesus Christ to come in the flesh, made like His brethren, to redeem His own.  In order to redeem her, according to His own Law, He had to die as the husband.  The glorious redemption was fulfilled in Jesus Christ, who came for His own, died for His own, redeemed His own, and rose again from the dead to reclaim His own bride. When Jesus died as the second or last Adam, He bought the whole race of Adam (the world) in order to redeem His bride, Israel. It was Israel who He foreknew.  God is the same, yesterday, today and forever.  His amazing plan was never discarded.  He knew the end from the beginning.

So what about the other races?  Let me put it this way.  When a man decides to get married, he chooses his one and only bride.  There are many nice women out there, but they are not a party to this contract of marriage or marriage covenant.  That is not hateful or cruel.  That's how it is and that is the law of marriage.  It is the same with God.  He has made His choice. God will do with the others as He wills.  But they are not in view regarding Scripture, which is about His people - His wife.  The other races are in view only in that they are to be brought under God's laws in dominion, which will greatly benefit them and they should be taught to worship and honor God as God.  As to what happens when they die, God knows.  They are not under the same curse as Adam.  We can entrust them to God.

5)  So who are the descendants of Israel today?  The Bible has already clearly proven the direct line from Adam to Israel.    My husband and I did a very intense study into the migrations of the Israelites after they went into the Assyrian captivity.   We have a great deal of evidence for clearly documenting that the "lost tribes" (which were not only the 10 northern tribes but over 200,000 of the house of Judah) migrated north and west and eventually settled the European nations, Britain and Scandinavia.  We, their descendents, are the Biblical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The White nations comprise the many nations God promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.   The promises that God made to Abraham and which were confirmed in the New Covenant in Jesus Christ are for us!  We who had been divorced by God for our great spiritual adultery and idolatry and were considered aliens to the covenant and unable to return to Him through the curse of the law were now redeemed! (A divorced woman was forbidden by God's law to return to her first husband if she had been with another husband.)

6)   If the European nations are Israel, then who on earth are the "Jews"?  So it became critical to find out who today's Jews are.  We closely examined the Jews and their writings.  What we found was shocking. The Jews are NOT descendents of Biblical Israel, but are impostors using this guise to carry out their incredibly evil schemes.  They come from a mixture of Japheth, Turks, Edomites, Canaanites and Mongols.  The vast majority of “Jews” today (around 96%) call themselves “Ashkenazim” (descended from Japheth, NOT Shem).  They readily admit who they are, but Christians won't believe them because that would mess up their eschatology and theology.  Jews are the openly declared enemies of Jesus Christ and Christianity.  They will never turn to Him because they hate Him with all their beings.  Their goal is world dominion and the annihilation of everything Christian, including our race.  They are behind the demise of our once godly nation.  America is going down fast.  We are not being blessed by God.  How can He bless us when we love those who hate Him and who He hates? (Romans 9:13, Psalm 138:21-22) We support them, and have placed them in the majority of leadership positions in our government.  They determine what is taught in our schools.  They own almost every media network and newspaper, shaping the opinions and thoughts of our people.  They own or control almost every banking institution, publishing house and the music industry.  And now we as a country embrace every evil from homosexuality to abortion to usury to race mixing, to name a few. We have trampled God's holiness as outlined in His holy laws underfoot and welcomed all sorts of evil into the land and into our churches.

If it were not for the Judeo-Christian churches who have led in the financial support of false "Israel" and welcomed the “Jews” as God's "chosen people" - even incorporating Judaism into our churches - our country would not be in the evil state we are in.  The Christian churches have been used by God's enemies to do what the enemies of God could never have achieved.  The Christian leaders and pastors have been responsible for keeping the truth that was once well known in this land out of the seminaries and churches in exchange for tax exemption!  (We spoke with an old gentleman who told us that these truths were well known, especially among the Lutheran clergy a mere 60 years ago!)  The Christian leaders and pastors have registered their churches with agencies controlled by the enemy, accepting all the restrictions, reporting all their members and finances in exchange for insurance and liability protection from the enemy!  We Christians have sold the truth of the Kingdom down the river in order to live in the good graces of the enemies of Jesus Christ!

Moreover, they have used missionaries and the universal gospel message more than any other tool to destroy this once godly nation.  Why do you think pastors and missionaries get all these tax breaks and benefits?  Because the enemies of God like Christianity? No - the church is the greatest proponent of "tolerance and diversity."  We would not be overrun now with foreigners - who are now the majority in several states and rapidly gaining in the others - if the Christian churches had not declared them to be within the scope of the biblical covenants.  Yes, the other races have been blessed and benefited by the work of missions, because we have taught them some of how to live under God's laws.  But we missionaries have promised them that which we had no right to promise them and placed them in equality with Adam's race - going outside the context of Scripture and God's ordained order.  Once declared to be equal, it was a very small step to bless what was once declared to be a crime punished by death in this land - interracial marriage.  With interracial marriage comes the destruction of our race - the end goal of Judaism.  This is what we MKs have been sacrificed for.  One hundred years ago our godly Christian pastors and forefathers would not have allowed what we now promote as "Christianity."

I do not, for one minute, blame the other races or the Jews.  They are doing just what they would naturally do.  The disaster of America is placed directly at the feet of the Christian seminaries and churches and their pastors and the missionaries who have been bought.  What is so sad, is that they don't even know they have been deceived and bought and are being used as tools of the enemies of God.  What is sadder yet, is that when this truth comes to their attention, it is rejected because the personal cost is so great! Yet they willingly sacrificed their children - us missionary kids - for a false theology that is also destroying our country and our posterity.

No - we are in for heavy judgment from God.  He is not pleased with His people who call themselves by His Name.  It is time for judgment to begin with the household of God.

I am very broken hearted for how we as a nation have sinned against our God.  My husband and I are fighting for your children.  The nation and world that your children and grandchildren are growing up in will very soon be hell on earth.  The media hasn't told you what is happening in South Africa since the end of White rule just a little over a decade ago.  What has happened there is coming here.  A small example of what is coming happened in Kansas when two blacks raped, beat and killed four white kids at gunpoint in a most gruesome manner.  Of course, that is not "hate" or "racist" because it was done by blacks to whites.  The media is not telling our people what is really going on in our land.  If Obama becomes President, it will be only a matter of time before America is just like South Africa….

The vast majority of Christians expect to zip out of here in an easy answer rapture.  But while Christians are burying their heads in novels and movies such as "Left Behind", what is really going on is a nightmare that your children are going to have to live with.  God commanded us as descendents of Adam to take dominion and rule this planet according to His laws under the Kingship of Jesus Christ.  Instead, we have abdicated, and turned over our responsibilities to His enemies and played "church", breaking all His laws except those that suit our fancy.  Is this godly?

My husband and I are doing everything we know to hold out the light of truth to everyone who will listen.  For God will not hold us accountable for what others decide, but we are accountable if we close our eyes to the truth or close our mouths (as someone in my family suggested I do) so that our life would be easier and people would like us.  I am speaking out now as a MK on behalf of today’s MKs and am begging you, before God, to stop sacrificing your children for false doctrine.

I also want to say that I thank and praise God for giving me a husband who loves Him and truly is seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  God has given me a husband who was willing to lose everything this world offers for the surpassing greatness of seeking and finding the truth, and for the glorious privilege of holding out the truth to our kinsmen.  I have walked with my husband as my head in Christ Jesus and together we have struggled for and sought the truth as a hidden treasure.  We are truly one, not only as husband and wife, but also in faith and understanding.  I don't deserve this, but I thank God daily for my husband and how he has faithfully led me as his wife and given his life to serve Jesus Christ.

What does Isaiah say?  "To the law and to the testimony."  I speak out of a heart that is broken over the evils of our land and what we have done as a people in Christ's name. I speak out of a heart that is broken over the grief of broken, bruised, and scarred MKs.  But I also speak out of great joy and hope.  For God has promised that if we - His people – humble ourselves and repent and return to Him that He will hear our prayer, forgive our sins and heal our land.

For the sake of the Kingdom of God,

Sandi Blanchard

August 2008

We have put our research into three books written by my husband, Lawrence Blanchard:

 Did All Races Come From Adam?

The Fall and Redemption of Adam’s Race

Is the Judeo-Christian Gospel the Biblical Gospel? 

 All three books are now available online. Just go to [site no longer exists] and click on the book title to download your free copy.


End Notes:

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 2. “By the 1920s, 38 states prohibited whites from marrying blacks, “mulattos,” Japanese, Chinese, Indians, “Mongolians,” “Malays” or Filipinos.” – NY Times, November 26, 2007; California was the first state to permit mixed race marriages in 1948; other states followed until all states permitted it by 1967.

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