Tolerance by James Combs


By James Combs



Ch. 1 - Introduction

Ch. 2 - The Purpose of Tolerance

Ch. 3 - Identifying the Enemy

Ch. 4 - Goal of the Self-Chosen

Ch. 5 - Overcoming White Blindness

Ch. 6 - The Effects of Tolerance on Our Nation

Ch. 7 - Is Jewish Cultural-Corruption Succeeding?

Ch. 8 - Disruption of Attempts to Preserve Decency

Ch. 9 - The Progress of Integration

Ch. 10 - Adding Insult to Injury

Ch. 11 - Psychology of anti-White Attacks

Ch. 12 - The "Guilt" Inducing Technique

Ch. 13 - Rechannelling White Resistance

Ch. 14 - White-Victims Taught Defeatism

Ch. 15 - Judaizing White Culture

Ch. 16 - Other Techniques to Divide Whites

Ch. 17 - Beware Jews Bearing Gifts

Ch. 18 - Assessment of the Damage

Ch  19 - Will Whites Awaken to their Degradation?

Ch. 20 - What Will tolerance Produce?

Ch. 21 - Conclusions

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CHAPTER I Introduction

The friends of a man saw he was in poor health and that something serious must be wrong. The man, however, reasoned that it was all due to merely a lack of sleep, improper eating habits or possibly a case of emotional depression. When his condition did not improve, the man was strongly urged to contact a doctor. After a routine examination, the physician recommended that specialists in internal problems be consulted. The patient did, and the later diagnosis was a frightening one: cancer.

The disease was beginning to literally eat away the innards of the sick man. Drastic remedial measures were in order if he were to be made well. Accepting the conclusions of the doctors, the cancer victim agreed to undergo treatment on a large area of his digestive system. By recognizing his sickness and by cooperating with his healers, the man was saved. It took much effort and pain, but the dreadful disease was defeated. There is a similarity to be drawn between this sick man and present-day America. Many who respect and honour it see the United States is in extremely bad health. Symptoms of the nation's illness are to be noted in many social and economic ways. It is to America's credit that had most any other country suffered as the U.S. the other country would have been totally destroyed by now. America was blessed with a great foundation of strength and endurance. Considering the tremendous and lengthy attack that America's enemy has carried on against it, one cannot be but impressed with these attributes.

Though there is a likeness between the cancer patient and the U.S. in their serious illnesses, the similarity may end in what the two subjects do about facing their problems. The ill man finally awakened to his plight and sought to correct it; the United States which is to say its Traditional citizens is still to become aware of its ailment. As with the man at first, the nation is rationalizing as to why it suffers. Rather than to maturely and realistically admit that something is direly wrong and to find out what, America speaks instead of "inflation", "environmental pollution", "urban blight", "energy crunch", etc. And, whereas such conditions are significant and genuine, they are only, for the most part, symptoms of a disease. The cause is something else.

Until Traditional-Americans, the substance of America, open their eyes and minds and confront the cause of their national malady, America is going to continue suffering. Should they not recognize the disease gnawing away at their nation's vitals, America, unlike the cancer patient, may not survive.


CHAPTER II The Purpose of Tolerance


As my book WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD ZIONIST CONSPIRACY relates, Traditional Americans are Christian-Whites. These people of European heritage created and developed America. The essence of our national life is based upon White and Christian culture. To the present surprise of many, America was NOT originated by its Founding Fathers with racial and religious integration in mind. The country was designed purely in the interests of Whites and Christians. (Documented exhaustively in the book America: Free, White and Christian by Charles A. Weisman, $8.00 postpaid, Weisman Publications, 11751 W. Riverhills Dr. #107D, Burnsville, MN 55337, USA)

It has been the devilish effort by non-Whites and non-Christians along with renegade White "liberals" to corrupt Traditional America that has resulted in the land's terrible state of health. The aliens, who owe their presence in America to the naivety and generosity of Christian-Whites, are determined to destroy the nation as it was meant to be. Thus, we witness the great drive to breed coloured peoples into every walk of our society; the daily corruption of our Christian morality; the undermining of our military strength; the perverting of our social roles with many women acting as men and the reverse; and other manner of manoeuvres to confuse, weaken, despoil and demoralize our people. The ultimate aim obviously is to literally make slaves of the Christian-Whites. And, with their minds and very souls already becoming captured by demonic aliens, it may not be too great a remaining task to physically enslave them as well.

If one takes the time to study the background of our enemy's war upon us, one finds the following. In order for the ungodly aliens to take over America eventually, they first had to make the social climate safe for their subversions. Therefore, a decades-long undertaking has been in effect to make Christian-Whites totally "tolerant". As our people are presently the majority society, they are the ones under assault both in America and Europe. Coloured peoples in White countries are not under the same pressures. However, were America populated mainly by, let us say, the Chinese, and the satanic element wanted the country as much under that circumstance, then the Chinese would be the victims. This is far-fetched, however, as no coloured people are evidently viewed as significant rivals by the enemy. The coloured are manifestly such culturally-inferior peoples that a unified White people could, if desired, control them.

Christian-Whites are an altogether different matter. They ARE a challenge to power-aims, nationally and worldwide, and must be made socially sick and weak. This is intended to make Christian-Whites impotent and vulnerable to conquest. Few better strategies could have been created to destroy our people's ability to resist their enemy than "tolerance". This has been the major factor in bringing about the social cancer in America.

The "tolerance" network of tactics also has made the enemy secure in his disease-causing presence within our nation's midst. You might say -- as we have been dealing with some medically-related comparisons-- that tolerance provides an immunity for our enemy. He saturates the environment of our nation with "tolerance" and makes himself almost completely immune from counter-attack. This also serves, of course, to degenerate Christian-Whites' culture and society whilst acting as a splendid defence for the enemy.

"Tolerance" breeds decay. For our people to accept the inferior coloured -- particularly the blacks-- into their social institutions is for them to accept the systematic destruction of those institutions. As the years have terribly worn on, we see the truth of this. Christian-Whites' neighbourhoods, schools, churches, entertainment centres, military, etc. have all deteriorated from such acceptance.



CHAPTER III Identifying the Enemy


Who is the enemy? It is not this study's intent to prove "who". Enough literature, supported with abundant evidence, already exists to do that.

WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD ZIONIST CONSPIRACY is one source for any reader who does not know. That book and others amply demonstrate that Jewry is the enemy. The unconvinced reader is referred to Elizabeth Dilling's THE PLOT AGAINST CHRISTIANITY, Frank L. Britton's BEHIND COMMUNISM and John Beaty's IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA as further "primers". If, after objectively reading only these four books, a person remains sceptical of Jewry being the sickness besetting the Christian-White world, then that person is incorrigibly blind. He is so "brain-washed" by years of Jewish propaganda and deceptions that his mind is hopelessly shut. It does not make the task of awakening our people easier to have other would-be patriots mislead as to who the foe is. There are a number of "right-wing" groups which have come forth with supposed exposures of America's enemy.  These revelations have resulted in all sorts of mysterious to unlikely powers. For instances, we have been told that the Masonic-illuminati is the basis of our problems. There can be no doubt that Jews have heavily penetrated and negatively influenced Masonic orders. Researchers, as Nesta Webster in her works, have shown a believable existence of secret fraternal organizations like the illuminati and world-wide plans to subvert the civilized nations. Webster and others have also revealed the eventual Jewish take-over of such operations, if indeed Jews did not originate them in the first place. We have often heard that the one family, the Rockefellers, is the power behind world revolution. This canard goes back several years. In that the Rockefellers have possessed a large monetary fortune in the past, and a lesser one today, this effort to mislead is also credible to many. When one challenges the bearers of this belief, one is told that the Rockefellers are of Jewish descent. Supposedly, this is to encourage the challenger not to further reason on the matter.

It is quite true that these notorious "liberals" have a Jewish background and have greatly assisted Jewry in radicalising the world. Whether they are "secret Jews" is unknown; however, the family professes Christianity, being prominent Baptists. In that most Christian churches today are as morally sick as the nation itself, the Rockefellers cannot be unduly singled out forbeing hypocritical followers of Christ.

A little thinking will convince any sane Christian-White that the Rockefellers could not be the prime manipulators of the social revolution destroying our and other White nations. One has only to appreciate the vast number of Jews active, past and present, in all aspects of turmoil to see that one ostensibly Christian family could not control them all. Jews are a very proud and clannish people. They have never shown an inclination to follow Christians. To the contrary, Jews are clearly hostile to this. Indeed, they occasionally have a trying time obeying their own leaders, though they do so better than possibly any other people.

Long before the Rockefellers came upon the scene, Jews were into internationally-treasonous activities. Under "the King of the Jews", the all-powerful Rothschilds, Jews had already infected the politics and culture of many countries. And, if real and monetary wealth are the sources of power, the Jews are immensely more powerful than the Rockefellers. A "patriotic" organization which may have the largest membership of any such group is the John Birch Society. Founded in the 1950's, the J.B.S. has been the recipient of a small fortune in dollar contributions. Its operations have extended throughout the land, and many a prominent local citizen has belonged. Yet, despite scores of thousands of words in slick-publications and by multiple public speakers, America is in far worse condition now than ever.

The reason is that the J.B.S. and some lesser groups has been wasting its great potential on symptoms of our nation's illness and not the cause: Jewry. Rather than to expose the Jews and their unAmericanism, the J.B.S. defends them. Woe be it to any perceptive and persistent Birch member who discovers on his own that Jews control revolution. He will be removed from the organization with smears of "anti-Semite" or "racist" ringing in his ears.

For the J.B.S., the enemy is the "Insiders", or powerful banking business interests, with stress on the Rockefellers. These "Insiders" came about through some enigmatic process, possibly via the illuminati. With their financial influences, they control both communist street-level radicalisms and high-level, "respectable" politics. The innocent public is caught in the middle between a contrived pincer movement. This makes for good sense and is true in part. We Christian-Whites are being torn asunder by the psychopathic opportunists in politics and business world's who are lending support to the advancement of the world's coloured. Communism is much in evidence as being the observable motivator of the "underprivileged" peoples at the "grassroots" level. However, whereas the Birchers' "Insiders" are supposed to be the key to manipulating the unprincipled businessmen-bankers on top of the pincer and the communists on the bottom, the truth plainly shows otherwise. Even much J.B.S. literature has revealed the highest powers who would qualify as so-called Insiders as being Jewish. Why it is that the Birch hierarchy, which formulates the organization's philosophies, refuses to recognize the obvious, this writer will not express himself. Too many honest, if gullible, patriots have been known as members of the group to label the operation an all-out phony one. Robert Welch has deceived his members.

The J.B.S. has stated it will not deal with the Jewish situation out of fear America will be "divided". That amounts to an admission that the Birch Society advocates our suicidal integration with the Jews and coloured. Other candidates offered us as the enemy working for our downfall have been The Council on Foreign Relations ("the invisible government"), the Bilderbergers and more recently the Trilateralists (all staffed with noted business, financial and government people). These suspects, as others similar to them, are, at most, "fronts" for Jewish-led financiers Even now, they are losing the credibility and visibility they might have once had as being for some the enemy. Jewry, on the other hand, is still very much with us and as obviously subversive as ever.


CHAPTER IV The Self-Chosen Jew and Why World Conquest?


Christians, who have been raised with the blasphemy of Jews being "God's chosen people", are very unreceptive to any criticism or exposure of Jewry. The Jewish mass media and indoctrinated Christian ministers have long pawned off this ridiculous mistruth upon our people. The lie has offered considerable protection to the Jews. In fact, they have worn it like a suit of armour Either they or some retarded minister will trot out this distortion on any occasion when Jews are seriously exposed as the social-turmoil-makers they are. The strategy is that Christian-Whites will be pacified with the potent biblical threat: God will "curse" them if the Jews are challenged.  Unfortunately, most Whites are unaware that God made the threat on behalf of Abraham and his progeny the Israelites not the Jews. Also unfortunately is the failure of our people to notice that the more they and America defend and follow after the twisted ways of Jews the sicker their nation becomes. Were God "blessing" America for not condemning the Jews, He has a most peculiar way of doing it.

If the "God's-chosen" ploy does not work, then the more recently created lie of "six-million Jews being murdered by Christian Germany" in World War II generally does. Our people are usually deactivated upon hearing yet again the tear jerking episode of how much Jewry has borne at Christian hands. Not wanting to further persecute "God's chosen" and receive His wrath, Christian-Whites back down from any initially-promising effort to resist one or more Jewish programs to degrade and subdue them. Why World Conquest?

Whites can readily accept that the British, Germans, Russians, Japanese, French or Chinese can aspire, in the past or present, for world power; but they cannot even imagine Jews being capable of the same. Besides the other protective devices with which Jews shield themselves, they also emphasize their small numbers. Thus, Christian-Whites are not as apt to feel on the defensive with Jews as they are, for example, with Negroes. The blacks also are very visible and it is impossible for the Revolutionists to hide their presence. Jews, on the other hand, are in Western  countries basically a White-looking people. One reason the Jews encourage the White "liberals" to join them in flooding America (and Europe) with coloured from Asia and Africa is to further conceal the identity of Jews. Undiscerning Whites have long been confused as to what races belong most of the growing masses of coloured parasites polluting our nation. Jews, who do have a particular look about them, are better camouflaged from our people when multiple mulatto types are on hand. In reality, there are many more Jews in the U.S. and in Europe than officially are claimed. The Jews prefer this. It is less likely most Whites will believe any warnings about Jewish conquering designs. "How could such a small minority group as the Jews have even a remote hope of being a world power?", asks doubting whites. Regardless of how much our naive Christian-Whites may deny Jewish power and ambitions, such do exist. We have, as said, been suffering the effects of the same for decades.

The Jews derive most of their people, here and abroad, from Eastern Europe; their ancestors were the Asiatic Khazars.

Several historians and writers, Christian and Jew, have documented this background. The latest information came from the Jew, Arthur Koestler in his book, THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE. The idiocy of Jews being "God's chosen" is demolished by such works.

The Jewish common people have been deceived themselves about being a select folk destined to rule the world. The end result is that they have dispensed much energy, finance and philosophy calculated to realize their bogus biblical belief. As most of us know, there are millions of Jews who do not "practice" their Talmudic faith. The majority of Jews in "Israel" are of such nature. Thus, it is quite reasonable to assume that some Jews of the "non-practicing" order have opportunistically taken advantage of their people's supposed selection by God. This "divine" prestige could only enhance unscrupulous political scheming. Both religious Jews and gullible Christian-Whites would be impressed with any proclamations by political Jews that it is the "chosen's" destiny to rule and regulate the world.

A negative variation of this came with Karl Marx and his ground-laying for world-Communism. Marx, a Jew, stated he was not an adherent of his religious heritage. But, Jews about the earth were aware he was Jewish. Marx's approach to world conquest, reasoned multitudes of Jews, may only be another way to accomplish what they felt to be in store for them. There is more than one possible road to supremacy.

If most Jews think they are to rule mankind due to a twisting of and thieving from the Old Testament, others of them, Marx, e.g. have had a secular thirst for power that many non-Jewish peoples in the past have had. Yes, Jews are quite capable of devising and using plans to master mankind.

The most unique thing about the Jews is that they are probably the only people to attempt conquest primarily through the perverted use of psychological means. They are experts at using other nations and peoples to do their bidding and fighting for them. Devilishly clever are they in utilizing words, much more so than armaments. Christian-Whites, at this point, have almost had their nation stolen from them by the Jewish war of words and psychology.


CHAPTER V Overcoming White Blindness


Some of our kindred refuse to believe unpleasant things about Jewry. These Whites do not directly see (or know of) Jews creating revolutionary mischief and are not astute or discerning enough to detect the radical Jewish presence from a distance. Thus, when agitating "women liberation" protesters act like a bunch of fools in some community, Whites likely see no Jewish connection. Whites will only shake their heads and wonder what the world is coming to. They will not realize that Jews created the unAmerican, unChristian atrocity of "women's lib".

The reason for this blindness is that the Jews definitely own outright most of America's communications system and control the majority of the remainder. Therefore, they can publicize (or ignore) what they wish and emphasize or play down what is in their best interest. Jews, thus, admit that their women Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, etc. are responsible for the female-revolutionary program; but they do not stress it. The unperceiving White public does not appreciate who is responsible when some rabble-rousing women threaten the stability of the community. Any resentment toward the agitators is simply dissipated against women in general.  This phenomenon has occurred time and again. Jews will come forth with a trouble-making movement, something geared to further decay Christian-White society, and our people fail to grasp that Jews are behind it. We have seen it often in the racial integration operation. The evidence is mammoth to prove Jews are the culprits who brought this monumentally-destructive system into being.  There is simply NO question about Jews being guilty. However, Whites show what antagonism they have for this horror by turning on the coloured. Repeatedly, we have all heard concerned Whites say: "The Negroes are taking over." When the Whites are asked who runs the movies and television networks which have smoothed the way so well for the coloured, they look blank. If they eventually hit upon the truth that Jews do, the Whites will struggle against admitting the reality. The same holds true for any other challenging question to Whites who feel "Negroes are taking over". Who organized, financed and led most all the race-mixing organizations? Who has striven, with pressures upon sold-out politicians, to give the coloured "rights"? Who has managed virtually every U.S. President in his efforts to bring "racial equality" into existence? Who has conned our young people with a massive twisting of educational books, films, lectures, etc. to accept the coloured as "equals"? Jews, of course, are blatantly responsible, but most Christian-Whites do not recognize it.

Thus, we can readily note something about Jews. They are ingenious at creating horrible social disruptions, then hiding themselves from responsibility and even letting others take any blame. An irony is that often the Jews do NOT make special efforts to hide their presence, certainly in the beginning of some action. So blinded are Christian-Whites, after many years of "Jews-are-God's-chosen" or some other ludicrous rubbish, that the Whites cannot "see their hands before their face"!

Usually after the ground work has been put down to launch a revolutionary undertaking, the Jews will move behind the scenes. In their place, they will put some characterless White or coloured. If resistance to the scheme occurs, the White or coloured will catch the blows. Although Jews started America's major problem of racial integration, they have so well trained coloured leaders and White opportunists that Jews can afford to step aside. When upset Whites whine about "Negroes taking over", they direct their anger at the blacks and not at the conniving Jews. Again we see our people wrestling with a symptom of our country's illness (integration) and not the cause (Jews). Until our own kind commences looking behind nasty activities and seeking out those responsible for them, America will not only remain extremely ill but will grow worse.


CHAPTER VI Effects of Tolerance on Our Nation


What has Jewish-inspired "tolerance" done to our country? Are there any good things which have occurred to White society as a consequence? "Liberal" Whites would automatically say, "Yes!". "What?", we ask in turn. Well, we are told usually by woefully shortsighted or subversive ministers -- America is much more "moral" now that it has "done the proper thing" and let the coloured into White society. God, it is added, approves of the drastic change.

We can now "hold our heads up" in the presence of other countries which previously denounced our "racism". We are at last a "democratic" nation and living up to our standards of "equality" for all. That is what we are told in part. We are also encouraged to believe that America is a "stronger" land with the huge coloured infusion into our midst; "new blood" can only put new and more vigorous life into the country. This is made more palatable by Jewish anthropology assuring us that "all races are equal". The reason that coloureds have been so culturally far behind Whites is due to the "social suppressions" we have placed upon them. With full equality the coloured, we are informed, will bloom into intellectuals and creators parallel to the best of Whites.

In examining these "assets" of integration, we notice some interesting things. First of all, it is extremely unlikely that God sanctions what has happened to America. Had He intended White nations to amalgamate their peoples with the coloured, surely He would have integrated them all in the beginning. The BIBLE would have been more explicit on the subject as well. As it is, certainly as concerns the biblical Israelites (not the Jews), social segregation from other races was to be the way. With respect to the beguilement that we can now "hold our heads up" to foreign lands with our "racial brotherhood", we can respond, "So what?". Why must we try to impress other peoples, especially coloured ones? As for foreign Whites (Scandinavians, Austrians, Swiss, etc.), how "integrated" with the coloured are they? How exposed, for that matter, are they to Negroes, Asiatics, etc.? The truth is that they know little to nothing about the coloured. Whenever they have tried to preach to us about what we need do for the coloured in our midst, they have been or are gross hypocrites. This writer vividly remembers being sternly asked in England by locals in the early 1950's why American White people were so "unfair" to "people of colour"? At the time, there were relatively few Negroes, Indians, Pakistanis, etc. in Britain. On another visit to that land, in the late 1970's, no Englishman made ugly criticism of White Americans. The reason was that by then poor England had become flooded with coloured. That is typical of what happens when self-righteous Whites are themselves actually faced with a wave of coloured.

As for coloured nations to which we can now "hold our heads up", this is even more an absurdity. No coloured land with the exception possibly of Japan has even suggested any equality with our White nations, in America and in Europe. What conceivable significance does it make as to how coloured countries regard our internal conduct, racial or otherwise? What do they have to boast about? Nothing. Again, with the exception of Japan, the Negro and Asian lands have from poor to mediocre standards of living. Their technology is entirely White in creation. They have given the world nothing but, have instead, only put their hands out for some White people to give them something. The coloured do not practice "democracy" themselves and are more viciously racists than any Whites. The Japanese and Koreans are racists of the first order. Were either given the full opportunity to conquer all mankind, they would. These two oriental peoples have shown long-term detest for one another. Neither they nor any other coloured population can point accusing fingers at us. We owe no apologies to them! Anyone who really believes we are a "stronger" nation with millions of Negroes, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, etc. Saturating our lives and institutions is utterly insane. Some formerly all White football or other athletic teams may be stronger with great numbers of Negro athletes, but this is hardly a civilized attribute of integration.

Even here, some argument could be made that, if anything,White sports have often declined in quality after racially mixing them. Interestingly, White foreign teams (Germany, Russia, etc.) have commenced winning more and more gold medals in Olympian and international meets while America seems to fall behind. Only hard-sculled and thick-skinned Negro boxers still appear to do well as do many long-legged Negro track runners.

Overall, many Whites -- as this writer -- are finding it impossible to any longer identify with athletic teams which they previously followed. The teams are so represented with Negroes that often a game is no more than one band of blacks against another one. Unprincipled and shallow Whites may still find football, basketball, etc. worthwhile watching, but proud whites cannot but be repelled by their White schools or clubs being represented by Negroes. We simply have little to nothing in common with the race.

In no important way are we "stronger". Our defence forces, police, and military are a shadow of what they once were. Only the best of Whites, still with these institutions, makes our defence function as well as it does. And, more significantly probably is the status of the White family unit now compared to before racial integration. Constant insecurity, social disruptions, and cultural degeneracy, due principally to integration, have injured the family. A weak, disrupted family-unit system means a vulnerable nation. "New blood" being injected into our country, via integration, can only result in what has occurred to every other White nation which has received the coloured as equals. There is NO example in history of a White people surviving racial merger; both their genetic stock and culture are destroyed. An infusion of coloured "blood" most definitely does not result in anything other than social decline. Jewish and "liberal so called social scientists can lie to us about the splendour of race mixing, but reality shows it means disaster for Christian-Whites (as Jews actually know it does). One thing is true as to what we are frequently told about the wonders of integration: the coloured have undeniably advanced in their material acquisitions and in social positions.

This writer well recalls the dread predictions of what would happen when and if Negroes took professions and jobs once almost exclusively White. "When Negroes become local bus drivers, there will be wrecks all the time". "If blacks get near cash registers in stores, they will either steal the money or else get confused as to which keys to punch". "It will be nothing but criminal if Negroes get nursing jobs in hospitals and clinics". "The coloured can never learn to work any kind of machinery, and definitely never any computers", etc. Coloured have prospered with equality. Their standard of living has risen dramatically in only ten years or so. Many live in as good circumstances as most Whites. They are doing all manner of work never distantly thought possible for them by Whites.

This raises a most important point. One of the greatest mistakes Whites made or were led to make was to underestimate the capability of Negroes. More than one White civic leader, when Federally enforced integration threatened, felt confident the whole thing would "blow over". "Give the Negroes their head a bit, let them have some of our jobs and then sit back and watch the disaster. It will be so bad that even the Yankees will laugh integration out of existence."

It has come as no small amazement and emotional set-back for most of our people that Negroes have done as well as they have. Everyday now, we see Negro telephone servicemen, insurance agents, bank tellers and managers, lab technicians, lawyers and a wave of salesmen, deliverymen, truck drivers, etc. All this has taken much of "the wind out of the sails" of the vocal racial segregationists of only a short while ago. They simply are no longer being believed when they speak of coloured inferiority. Similarly, the old criticisms of Negroes "smelling" from never taking a bath and being "lazy" have lost much of their effect. The psychological result on our people from this has been quite severe.

What the Christian-Whites were not prepared for is that the coloured and surely most oriental people are quite capable. Demonstrably, many of the Orientals do as well or better than most Whites. Even a small percentage of blacks have shown abilities above those of the majority of Whites. Had our people appreciated the realities of race, they would not now be paralysed with something approaching shock. "Maybe just maybe the coloured are our equal, judging from so many of them teaching in the schools, working machinery in the plants, running their own stores, representing us in city, state and Federal governments, etc. Maybe if we do give, them a chance, this thing will work. Maybe we can compromise after all and avoid conflict".

This is all false speculation. Whereas the coloured, by the thousands, possess much more potential than imagined by unsuspecting Whites, they are not the White races' equal. The fallacy is to measure the so-so social skills of blacks and browns with average Whites. Best, however, is not being compared with best. The elite of the coloured are not remotely on par with that of the Whites. Even the supreme of the coloured, the Japanese, are rarely anything but good imitators of what our gifted Whites create. Negroes and most Orientals other than the Japanese cannot even adequately imitate the creations of Whites. Being able to utilize some of the Whites' technology as many blacks can do, is one thing; inventing comparable machinery or surpassing it is another. And, the Negroes have never shown even a faint hint of competing with or excelling whites in technology.

Take away Whites and even the admirable Japanese will start a cultural and technological decline. The Negroes would rush into ruin and rot. As in the Negro land of Haiti, the average of the blacks would soon devour what amounts to the best of their people. All this might remind some of the old observation: The Whites create and maintain; the Orientals can maintain what the White create; but the blacks when on their own can neither create nor maintain. Negroes can only destroy. Were capable White supervision and direction not still in effect over most of America's industries, major institutions and commerce, the land would be in greater misery than it is. One shudders, though, at the thought of what will come about in years ahead when the "old timers" sensibly schooled and reared in civilized behaviour are gone. Even Whites, regardless of genetic superiority, cannot adequately produce if the social system is sick and they are given no encouragement to do so. Hundreds of thousands of our Christian-White youth are realizing far less than their potential in this "equalitarian" society. When, with the presence of the coloured, the social institutions are reduced in their character and mind-building roles, our young leaders of tomorrow are today held back. They grow up with much less than the qualities they would have in a social structure once designed only for their own kind. The only consolation from this is that most of our young do have potential. Their genetic system has not yet been direly altered although their environment has. The latter is what holds them back at present.

How much the criminal drug-trade has affected our youngsters' genetic properties is yet unknown. There has, unfortunately, been terrible "progress" by the culture and people destroyers with their efforts to bring drugs to Whites. With the strong possibility that drugs do negatively affect genetics, many of our folk may be decimated in that manner as well as by the generally-bad environment

With Jewry's fanaticism over racial "brotherhood" (for us with the coloured), the ultimate aim is that Christian-Whites will be physically bred with the coloured. Then, conclusively, we would be obliterated as a people and as the only barrier to Jewry's ambitions as the world power.


CHAPTER VII Is Jewish Cultural-Corruption Succeeding?


Is Jewry having any real success toward its end of eliminating Christian-White society as a threat to Jewish aspirations? As was stated and as is very clear from much visible evidence, Traditional America is quite unhealthy. Drives through innumerous neighbourhoods of American cities testify to that. Once-White areas, which had considerable stability and community spirit, are now rotten with Negroes, Puerto Ricans, and other undesirables. Such "culture" as now exists there is more akin to Africa and the bush than to Western Europe heritage.

The decaying cities, though, are only a reflection of what has happened to Whites. Even more serious than the flight of our people from their sites of upbringing, to often artificial standards of living in the suburbs, is the condition of Christian Whites' minds and character.

It would have to give the Jews in the business of degenerating our society great satisfaction to observe the status of Whites today. Drunkenness, drug addiction, suicides, mental illnesses, sexual promiscuity and artistic decadence are a few distressful indications of our social condition. Secure, sane and happy White families are not impossible to find, but their numbers are far less than only a few years ago. Matters are so bad that rare is the family which can point a correcting finger at another family for having divorce, emotional weakness, juvenile delinquency or some other liability within it. Once in this land, as in others, our people could (and did) ostracize social deviants. Married couples worked harder at staying together because they knew -- and cared-- what the community would do and say to them for taking a, now easy, divorce due to marital difficulty. No more.

Our people are becoming islands unto themselves, paying little attention to or being any longer shocked at immoral conduct on the part of others. The Jew-hippie philosophy of "let everybody do his own thing" and "let it all hang out" (do not be socially inhibited) has been of significant help in all this. The hippie-beatnik degeneracy has done immeasurable harm to America, as Jewry, the creators, knew it would. It did not "just happen " that this social putrefaction arrived almost simultaneously with the big push of the Jewish-fomented "civil rights" movement. Any reasonably-analytical citizen can recognize that one movement, "civil rights", has striven to raise the coloured in every sense (economic, cultural, etc.), while the other, hippieism, has worked toward the opposite for Whites. We see, therefore, a deliberate levelling-out process in play; the coloured being lifted up and the Whites being sunk to the bottom of society. The reaction to this from the White masses has been as anticipated. They have been psychologically thrown off balance. How can the negroes or other colored who are "trying to better themselves" be scorned when grubby, filthy-dressed, drug-ridden and retarded-looking Whites are all around? How can Whites feel and act superior to the colored when too many Whites are clearly a social disgrace? With no doubt, Jewry has been successful in its efforts.


CHAPTER VIII Disruption of Attempts to Preserve Decency


Dangerously asleep is he who has failed to see that Jews brought this perverted situation into being. WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD ZIONIST CONSPIRACY spends some little space in documenting the Jews who "fathered" the hippie and beatnik atrocities. Jewry, which also sired race-mixing, was sinisterly aware of the necessity to lessen White repugnance of the coloured; Negroes in particular. Objectively speaking, blacks are for the most part a most unattractive race. To make blacks and browns look better in White eyes, several major tactics were devised.

The Jewish communications world has publicized, glorified and encouraged White social decay. Since the early 1960's when the attempt to lower White cultural standards got fully underway, Jews -- and their bought-out minions -- have soaked our people in socially-ruinous behaviour. A summing-up admission of Jewish delight in the decadent direction we have gone was made by a typical, prominent Jew. His remarks were made before a college audience in Memphis, Tennessee. David Halberstam, writer, bragged during a lecture about how possible it was for him to now appear in "casual dress" in a once-respectable setting. This, he said, demonstrated the "advances made by society". Television, he added, was a primary force in bringing about the "change" (Memphis COMMERCIAL appeal, March 4, 1978, P. 23). This race mixing "peacenik" pointed out the TV networks were greatly responsible for our undisciplined dress and conduct. He could have added that the film industry and the publication trade, also controlled by Jewry, have done like disservice.

In every way, Jews have disrupted our people in any rear-guard attempt to preserve codes of decency. If Christian-Whites try to have prayers and moral direction in schools Jews will launch an attack. If a white tries to combat an immorality (as, homosexuality), he or she will be smeared and condemned by the Jewish mass media and allies. If a program is suggested by Whites to crack-down on criminals, Jews and political "fronts" (as the American Civil Liberties Union) will intervene to prevent it. "Sophisticated" talk-show stars are used to belittle and mock at even slight attempts by our people to fend-off the Jewish-designed immoralities. "Fans" of these popular, much listened-to standard-setters think it better to heed the sneers of the characterless Johnny Carsons, David Frosts, Dick Cavetts and other of like ilk than the laughed-at Christians seeking reform.

Cheapness, vulgarity and ignorance are the culture "values" most of our people now seem to seek rather than high principles, material sacrifices and decencies. "Get it while you can"; "If I don't take it (bribe or what have you), then someone else will"; "If you don't get caught, it's honest"; "Everyone else is doing it (adultery, etc.), why shouldn't l?"; "Don't fight it (integration or some other liability), there's nothing you can do".

Though an occasional, usually dis-coordinated counter movement by Christian-Whites appears (e.g. "anti-busing"), it is short-lived and/or ineffective. If need be, Jews and their programs-for-destruction are willing to take a small tactical step back in order to regroup and then take at least two larger steps forward.


CHAPTER IX The Progress of Integration


If there still remains some Whites who declare that integration will not be accepted and that, therefore, nothing need be done, the following can be considered. This writer is able to look back to only a few years ago when White owners and customers of two typical cafeterias in the South swore: "No blacks will ever eat as customers in here; Whites won't stand for it". Today, one of these places is out of business but not before it eventually integrated. Whites humbly accepted "nicely dressed" Negroes who came to dine. The other cafeteria is yet functioning, and daily one sees Negroes eating there, often at tables with Whites. Now, the remaining owner of one of the cafeterias will only indifferently shrug his shoulders; and, not to be overlooked, "Negro money is the same colour as Whites' ". After the minority-controlled Federal Government forced race mixing upon a public school in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957, there has only been modest resistance by Whites to the educating of their children with the coloured. True, masses of them turned to private schools, but seldom does a White parent admit it is owing to "racism". So cowed are our people that even when they are "slapped in the face" by tyranny and are compelled to try an avoidance of "equality", an apology is offered that it is not due to "racism" ("Some of my best friends are blacks").

America is losing its heritage. As the public school is one aspect of that heritage, you can say we have witnessed the loss of a segment of our life when we give up the public education system to the coloured. We have lost by default. And, come to think of it, it is not the most heroic thing to run (even when in the children's best interest at the time). We are only teaching the young to run when the Jews throw down a challenge. Here we are, the over-whelming majority, and we permit a satanic pack of Jews, the culturally-parasitic coloured and some of the sorriest, most-opportunistic Whites to force us to flee. How often in all history has a large majority deserted its own institutions?

Yes, the Jewish problem of racial integration has been quite successful. The schools have been merged with the coloured or dissenting Whites have forfeited their own system. The latter is still seen as a victory to Jewry and a defeat for us. If White Churches are not swimming in Negroes, it is chiefly owing to the decision of blacks not to attend. Most of the ministers and priests have been so intimidated and indoctrinated by Jewish "brotherhood" propaganda that the invitation to the coloured has been made numerous times. However, enough White churches have experienced disruption and collapse from integration to have damaged Christianity. Even in the absence of many or no coloured, most ministers plead the cause of race-mixing and "brotherhood".  Our military is becoming darker by the year. The only reason any area of it has not been completely dominated by Puerto Ricans, etc. is due the necessity to have some White guidance in holding things together. Given time, however, Jewish agitators and "liberals" likely will see to it that incompetent coloured will handle the most delicate work and leadership roles. To be sure, the armed forces are integrated.

The revolutionary U.S. Government is assuring that any coloured who wants a tax-supported home or apartment will get it. Increasingly, too, pressure is being brought to have these housing accommodations in previously all-White neighbourhoods and communities. In only ten years time, across America, the coloured have massively moved into once-White residences and areas. A host of crippled neighbourhoods vividly testify to this.

Blacks and browns are employed in developing numbers in every kind of shop, plant, company, and so forth. Only a decade ago, one could walk into businesses and not see one coloured employee. Now, they are plentiful in most urban sections of the country. If the revolutionists have their way. Rural America will also commence getting Orientals and Negroes as neighbours. It was an unheard of thing for almost all Whites just a short while ago to see a Negro romancing or wed to a White. One had to go to "scandalous" Paris, France, or backward parts of New York City to witness it. On even Southern-American streets now, one can see White, sluttish women pushing baby buggies with half-breed children inside. They are apt to be accompanied by the negro or mongrel whom "Jewish America" has insulted us with.


CHAPTER X Adding Insult to Injury


Never overlook for a moment that we, as a people, are being insulted. Jews rejoice in humiliating us with that scene of unredeemable White women publicly parading about with their coloured lovers and offspring. All the more priceless to the Jews and their racial-self-hating White "liberal" disciples is the recognition of our confusion, helplessness and defeatism in being endlessly humiliated. The Jews and their cohorts are literally rubbing our people's noses in the insults.

So positive are the radicals we will not object to what is being done to us that they have openly instituted an official "commissar" system. Christian-Whites sometimes cluck their tongues at how terrible it must be in Communist Russia. "Those poor people are just a bunch of slaves who are regulated from dawn to dark".

Un-observantly, these Whites disregard the Communist tyranny now regulating their lives. One of the saddest things this writer has had to see is the "commissar" set-up the government has installed in most of its operations. For instance, before an employer in private business or industry can hire personnel, the chances are good he will have to clear it through "equal opportunity". A "commissar", generally a Negro, is on hand to ascertain that "minorities" will get more than fair "opportunity" for a job with the business or industry.

The universities of our land all have "equal opportunity" monitors to see that Negroes, Mexicans, etc. are given every chance to be hired for work or for other considerations. Likely, the "commissar" is working full-time on campus at a substantial tax-paid salary. His only duty is to force unwanted coloured into White institutions.

Before a contractor or a builder can put up a home or development in an area, he probably will have to get clearance from a government "commissar" In doing so, the applicant (as all other victims) must go "hat-in-hand" and humbly to usually a Negro and seek his permission to build houses etc.

Heart-rending is it to watch elderly Whites having to go to "minorities" for social security benefits or other services. These Whites are often "extra nice" and polite to the coloured who have the final decision as to whether or not the Whites receive anything from the government.

Our people, in short time, have been reduced to the low level of appealing to cultural-racial inferiors for that which is already their own. This writer remembers a tragic story of a few years ago when White women in a New York or New Jersey urban area were being forced into giving sexual "favours" to one or more Negro social workers. Before the Negro would agree to a continuation of benefits, the women had to "cooperate". One speculates on how frequent this abomination has occurred . . . and will occur again.


CHAPTER XI Psychology of anti-White Attacks


The Jews are masters of human behaviour. They predominate in such study while on the payrolls of "our" universities, government and foundations. When the average person thinks of "psychology", Jews as Sigmund Freud come to mind. Having made long-time observation of human nature, Jews understand much about it. They know that the inclination of people is to be on the winning side. People "rooting for the underdog" may have its moments (as in Jews having America support "poor little Israel"); but, essentially, in the final analysis, most humans desire to be found with the prevailing side or the popular one. It has, therefore, been a major undertaking of Jewry and its stooges to convince Christian-Whites that racial equality is the "moral, right and democratic" way to follow. For anyone who differs, the Jews or one or more of their creations (Communism, e.g.) will attack that individual as a "reactionary anti-Semitic-racist-fascist". Now, who wants to be called names? The Jewish mass media makes a big thing out of highly publicizing the downgrading insults poured on a person who shows resentment and certainly resistance to some sick program of the radicals. This serves as a warning to others, encouraging them to "mind their own business" and not get involved with "controversy".

Probably the foremost smearer is the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. The A.D.L. is a branch of the influential fraternal group, the B'nai B'rith. The League, with vast sums of money at its disposal and the Jewish communications media as collaborators, keeps a close eye on any possible uprising to the Revolution. If an individual Christian-White or a group of them become too prominent and successful in alerting our people to what is tragically occurring to America, the A.D.L. releases a vigorous attack upon him or it. The smear can amount to more than some back-stabbing words. If need be, the Jews will "get" the offending party by interfering with his opportunity to work (as this writer well knows). More than one employer has been solemnly approached by the Jews with a complaint against one of his employees. The result can either mean a loss of a job or else a warning to "cool it". One can well imagine what an uproar would take place in the Jewish-controlled press were a Jewish employee threatened on account of his pro-communist thinking or activities!

Slowly, many Christian-Whites are starting to understand that no one in the minority-owned communications field really cares about them. This further adds to their disillusionment and defeatism. It is just better to cooperate and "go along" than to risk one's position or be publicly smeared.

Another psychological bit of manipulation, one to prompt mass agreement to integration is to make the Negroes appear too invincible to stop. Blacks are not the loveliest looking people in the world. Indeed, most are down-right ugly. Few Whites who have lived near Negroes are unaware of the violence that prevails in black "culture". Put these two ingredients together, unattractiveness and the tendency to resort to brutality, and you have a strong force for intimidation. The Jews have not overlooked this. In one movie, TV show, and book after another we have seen "tough", hard-eyed Negroes "using muscle" to get what they want. This writer saw one Dick Cavett television show in the late 1970's in which Cavett interviewed the black boxer, "Muhammad Ali" (Cassius Clay). In several instances, this pathetic excuse of a White man, Cavett, acted like a scared rabbit, showing exaggerated respect for the big Negro. "Entertainment" episodes have been presented to the viewing public that depicted the coloured pushing Whites around and zeroing in on the White actors' fearful expressions. Those powerful dramas are not lost on the TV and movie viewers, if only at the subconscious level.

Also, such insulting mockery of our people has its effect on Negroes. Many a young black has come away from seeing such Jew theatrics with a chip on his shoulder for whites. This writer was once forcibly bumped on a street by a young Negro with that "hard" look in his eyes. Proceeding a short way further, it was seen from whence the black had apparently come: a movie house which now catered to the coloured. Being shown that day was a so-called "black exploitation" film which the Jews created to arouse hatred and contempt in the Negroes for us. It can be added here that White-American servicemen having to endure humiliating, bestial capture and maltreatment from Orientals in the Korean and Vietnam wars has hastened our people's apprehension of the coloured. Those treasonously waged conflicts also lowered the prestige of Whites throughout the coloured world.

Negroes commit most of America's serious and violent crimes. Black thugs fill the prisons and jails of our country. Were America free from the presence of the coloured, violent crime would be reduced immediately by probably three quarters. Furthermore, many Whites who have had to grow up in a twisted, disturbed society warped by integration -- have been turned to crime. These Whites would be removed from the crime roll, too, without the tension-causing Negroes being in their environment. However, the coloured are with us, crime and all. Their behaviour has terrified most urban whites into a state of senselessness: "Let them have what they want -- our jobs, homes, even our women -- if that will make them happy and they will leave us in peace". A great part of our nation's sickness stems from this shallow reaction on our own kind's part. Bullying blacks have won many a neighbourhood and more from scared whites. One wonders what has happened to the Whites who used to shine in the sport of boxing. It may have been a coincidence, but Negroes began to appear prominently on the boxing scene in the 1930's when the Jews were pioneering for a nation-wide "equalitarian" program, Joe Louis "The brown bomber" -- was heralded as the "greatest" fighter ever and whites probably for the first time started cheering a Negro beating up some hapless White boxer. They particularly were carried away when Louis promptly dropped the "Nazi" fighter, Max Schmeling, early in their second bout. In light of Schmeling's current race-mixing conduct, one is inclined to question how honest that White humiliating second fight was.

Maybe Negroes are as good in the ring as they would appear. As earlier stated, blacks have thicker heads and skins than most whites and they seem to be built for quicker reactions. Nevertheless, one still ponders over why there are virtually no White contenders of much quality any longer. That Jews are heavily into the fight business is well known. Are they manipulating matter so that mediocre Whites are boxing better Negro fighters? This may be rationalizing, admittedly, but with the deviousness of Jewry, such is possible Regardless, whites are exposed to almost nil but one black or other coloured fighting another. If any White is involved, more often than not he is beaten, sometimes brutally. Whites witnessing this are again given the feeling that the coloured are a fierce lot, one best not provoked. Boxing is the most-physical sport; so, we concentrate on it as an example. However, sports enthusiasts cannot but notice that blacks have high profiles in several athletic past-times usually those requiring brawn and little brain or grace. In several instances, Negroes have resorted to vicious violence in these other sports at the expense of Whites . . . adding to the "mean" reputation of the coloured.

Thus, when the coloured at racial urging create a racket wanting this or that from Whites, the latter now give in, if not out of sheer fear, then out of "guilt".


CHAPTER XII - The "Guilt" Inducing Technique


The television production ROOTS was a notable if insufferable example of the "guilt" inducing technique of Jewry. They have soaked Christian-Whites with a multitude of ploys to instil "shame" and "guilt" with regard to the coloured. The screen efforts are apparently the most successful.

Visual images --even contrived, deceiving ones -- make more of a lasting impression than the written word. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN by Harriet Beecher Stowe likely had more effect on gullible, pre-Civil War audiences watching it performed on stage than on those who merely read the book.

Jews long ago learned the great value of motion pictures. Viewers paid rapt attention to what transpired on the screen before them. It would seem that few of our people appreciated how highly useful "Pictures" could be used for propaganda purposes. D. W. Griffith, the early cinema pace-setter, was an exception. This White man did see the asset of films and produced one of the few honest movies which has appeared in America, THE BIRTH OF A NATION. Scores of thousands of Christian-Whites were drawn together for rare racial unity. They angrily saw the film reenactment of brutality to Whites by blacks and White-traitors in the post Civil War period. It makes a person realize what could be done to alert and organize our kindred were we and not Jews in charge of the film and television industries. Nothing short of a literal political or military take-over by Whites of their own nation would force Jewry to relinquish its control, however. It is, along with supreme wealth, their major weapons.  So intense has the "equalitarian" attack been upon us, to introduce "shame" and "guilt", that we can witness little in the movie houses or on TV sets which does not have a subversive "message". Children and adult programs are both glutted with propaganda favourable to Jews and the coloured. Even quality dramas, dealing with classic themes which never even considered "race-mixing", are having "tolerance" woven into them. Jews are twisting the most unlikely historical or well known fictional characters into integrationist's. If some Christian-Whites cannot be made to feel "guilt", the mind-manipulators will label them as "mentally disturbed" or worse. Much movie and TV fare and literature come forth with portrayals of such people. We have watched over the years a plethora of plays, films, "documentaries", etc. which were designed to picture any resisting White in a derogatory manner. How many times have we seen fictional characters with tobacco juice dripping down their chins, dressed in peasant or cheap-looking clothes, speaking in a moron accent and proclaiming their hatred for the coloured and integration? This technique of Jewry is to motivate politically-uncommitted whites not to identify with such "racist", unappealing characters. Instead, Jewry's dramas offer high-principled, noble, educated and admirable subjects as being supporters of integration and as those with whom Whites should identify. Despite the great number of intelligent, cultural and articulate racists and segregationists, we almost never hear or see them. Their too-publicized existence could (and would) draw together Christian-Whites in opposition to "tolerance" and the decay that goes with it.

Closely associated with the make-believe characters used to show us the "good and bad guys" (by Jewish standards) are the real-life ones. As the advertisement world has been aware since likely its beginning, the public is impressed with popular imaged personalities advocating something. Thus, when a "glamorous screen star" sponsors a particular facial lotion, it is more attractive to the public. When a very-masculine ball player expresses his preference for one razor blade over another, many impressionable men are more apt to buy the "hero's" choice. Jewry has taken this tactic into its war upon us. Sold-out U.S. Presidents and men in every profession have been used to con Christian-Whites into believing integration is the "American" thing to do.

Few now are the well-known public figures, assuredly in politics and the entertainment field, which have not been displayed as race-mixers in magazines, films, television shows, on lecture platforms, demonstrations, etc. Men who would not voluntarily socialize or privately live with the coloured are filmed, televised or photographed in some intimate manner with the blacks and browns. Bob Hope, as an example, is a wealthy man now, thanks to a quick wit and an accommodation to the Jewish amusement world. He lives as isolated from the coloured as his fortune permits. Yet, he has been shown to the Hope-admiring public as a great integrationist. He has publicly kissed and cavorted with Negro females and treated them as "equals". This is intended by the Jews who staged it to breed "tolerance" in us: "If ole Bob likes them, then why shouldn't I?". Hope's "lovable" image is yearly developed to add greater emotional weight to his prestige with Whites.

How many well-known personages have refused to sell themselves in this despicable way is unknown. Not many though. When a person enters politics and entertainment, he will soon learn of the Jew "influence". If he desires to continue in his career, it will become obvious to him that doing the Jews' will is essential. Therefore, those whom we prominently see at the national level have long before learned the prostituted facts of life. This situation has reached such extents that it is now almost certain when we see some politician, actor, etc. coming into popular vogue that he is securely in Jewish control. If he were not, he would not have proceeded as far as he has. We can also anticipate seeing him in some "race-mixing" propaganda in due time.

It was reported a decade and some ago that the late Robert Kennedy told a group of Negroes that one of their kind would be President of the United States one day. Of course, the pitifully-blind and superficial Kennedy gave his blessing to such a degrading likelihood. As a side note, he as his family - never lived with the coloured and knew nothing about racial dynamics; but, as "tolerance" is the road to success for unscrupulously-aspiring men, the Kennedys have gone energetically along with promoting it. Robert Kennedy's "prophecy" helped prepare an image in the minds of Christian Whites of a black ruling over them. How calculating the Kennedy remark was is unknown. Such observations from "famous people spontaneous or contrived are played upon by the communications media.

We are being developed to peaceably and as a "natural" course of events accept the coloured as equals. Placing these cultural parasites in positions of government, entertainment and business prestige has furthered this aim. It was shocking to Christian-Whites to have seen the first Negro, e.g., in a TV commercial with an equalitarian setting. Now, our people casually watch Negroes bossing Whites about or lecturing to them in some commercial or show. Whites in many communities were alarmed when they had their first Negro town-council member. Today, they may barely notice when a black comes forth as the head of city government. Once, not many years back, blacks were an oddity in white athletics; now, we think nothing of having our young people race up to integrated Negro players, begging them for autographs. Movie and television portrayals of the coloured as head of important public institutions and services aid in the acceptance of them. Our people have gradually absorbed the propaganda and then the reality. They have been as emotionally conditioned as the most servile victims in openly-communist Countries.

The sports situation is particularly bad. The dignifying and glorifying of Negroes has mellowed unthinking Whites. This writer saw a scene in a university bookstore a few years ago which was disgusting. The quarterback position on a football team is seen as the most glamorous by most fans. After altering of the sport to adjust to Negro running capabilities, but limited minds, blacks have become quarterbacks. This makes White football fans all the more lenient toward "tolerance" ("If blacks can play quarterback they can do anything!"). Well, this writer was in the bookstore when noisy, White-female voices arose, prompting the turning of heads to the appearance of a Negro. He, the girls panted, was the highly-publicized quarterback on the university team. A "hero" right in their midst! Grievously, it is only a small jump from welcoming that actually-mediocre black into White minds as a much-admired "equal" to accepting the entire black race. After all, if "opportunity" had given him a chance to show his "equality", then reasons the brain-washed Whites why would not the same be true for all coloured if they also had opportunities?

What is conveniently ignored is that it is a far cry from Negroes displaying some physical equality with Whites to their doing the same in high-intellectual areas. Irrational Whites are not measuring the best of Whites intellect against that of the coloured. If they did, it would be found there is NO distant relationship. The elite of the coloured can demonstrate considerable ability in several mentally-demanding areas. But, these modest abilities are no justification for merging the races and disastrously diluting our genetic stock. It is overlooked that we all, including the coloured, derive high civilization from the White-genetic pool. Not the coloureds', even the "intellectually" best of them.


CHAPTER XIII Re-channelling White Resistance


Christian-Whites have been so victimized by ceaseless manoeuvres for "tolerance" that many of them have lost all sense of social reasoning. A former boyhood friend remarked to this writer a few years ago: "Whites have had their chance. It is now the black's time". He was not a fawning "Negro-lover" but was resigned to the coloured "taking over". In that this man held a good post at a world-famous Ivy League school explained his socially suicidal view. His school, as others of "acclaim", is drenched in Jews and their philosophy. He had undoubtedly discovered that there was NO sanctioning of pro-White, pro-American attitudes which contradicted the Jewish stance. If he were to "get ahead", he had to compromise his earlier-held Traditional-American beliefs. It was a bit more possible to live with himself if he were convinced on at least the conscious level that his "modern" outlook was correct. This man was a sad result of "tolerance".

A pitiful relationship to this is the unbelievable fact that many such Whites, as this university associate, cannot even feel resentment over what is happening to their country and race. None but the blind and the dense would say that America has not plunged into great social and economic decline since integration. Some might honestly feel it is only a "coincidence" that our nation started a dive into decay at the same period it seriously undertook race-mixing, but these would be self deceiving persons.

Despite the destruction done to our nation, race and religion, Christian-Whites seem oblivious to it. They cannot even muster up resentment. Their sympathies and emotions have been so played upon on behalf of "tolerance" that when, on infrequent instances, resentment does arise, it takes little reinforcement by the propagandists and conditioners to deactivate them. Be assured, it is a deadly indication of how sick a society is when it cannot even feel resentment to its crucifiers. And, when there is no resentment, there can be no resistance. It can be said that emotional-intellectual awareness of a danger precedes physically doing something about the danger. Christian-Whites quite obviously do not have healthy emotional and intellectual perspectives on what is confronting them. This points out the necessity of a unifying system within any people. Such a system is present in a healthy nation. Without it, no people can hope to survive. Jewry fully appreciates this basic fact of life. It, therefore, perfected means to disrupt and destroy the unifying system. What is primarily responsible for their success is the controlled communications media. With that control, the Jews can nationally offset any local attempt by some Christian-Whites to resist tyranny. We saw this in Little Rock, Arkansas, when a number of Whites felt deep resentment over having Negroes forced into the Whites' schools. The Jewish power structure took race-mixing slow at first, one area of America at a time. Too broad a field of initial attack might have aroused too many whites and integration could have been repelled. So, at first, only few Southern-American locations were assaulted. Little Rock was one of these. When as was expected by the powers-which-be some Whites did aggressively oppose the treason, they were viciously dealt with. "Examples" were deliberately made of them by the government and by the mass media. So unfairly were these Whites treated that other uncommitted and yet untried Whites across the country were intimidated. These latter Whites did not want to have happen to them what occurred to those Little Rock citizens. They did not want to suffer the labels of "racists", "hate-mongers" and other verbal insults.

After a few more "incidents" (at the University of Mississippi, at Selma and Montgomery, Alabama, etc.) Christian-Whites had, for the most part, lost their spirits. And, all during this, the integrationists in their positions of power were trying to show how "good guys" (President Dwight Eisenhower and many others) were advocates of race-mixing. In short, all the "positive" factors were given to "tolerance" while nothing but "negative" overtone was given the moves to preserve Traditional America. Soon, it became "un-American", "undemocratic" and "unChristian" not to want the coloured blended into White society. With all "beloved" and "famous" public figures (Billy Graham, the Presidents, etc.) heavily siding with integration, "little" Christian-Whites felt uneasy not being on the same side of what would seem to be "our leaders" and the prevailing, winning position. The Ku Klux Klan and other White groups were infiltrated by the subversives and often made to be criminally repulsive. Agent provocateurs within these organizations committed cowardly acts that only gave, as planned, an unsavoury image of White patriotism.

When "responsible" conservative groups did emerge, they, as the John Birch Society, only tended to further aid the enemy. As earlier mentioned, any Christian-White in the J.B.S. who persists in criticizing or questioning Jews and the coloured is ousted. While such an ineffective operation as "signing petitions" against something like fluoridated water, "equalitarianism" is entrenching itself more deeply each year. Christian-Whites are being traitorously "channelised" by organizations which do not unify them as a race but, rather, encourages integration of them with Jews and the coloured.


CHAPTER XIV White-Victims Taught Defeatism


One of the basic principles of mass psychology being used against us is to manufacture a social atmosphere where we victims are led to believe we have lost, to create defeatism. Whereas, a few years go during the Negro-urban riots it was commented upon that "race relations" was one of the country's major problems, it no longer is. Today, except in an occasional local area, we rarely hear that there is any problem about racial integration. Rather, we only hear of "inflation", "the energy crisis", "pollution" or some other national shortcoming. Race-mixing is supposed to be an accomplished fact. One is not even to question it. Indeed, if one does, it is often the case that a person will look over his shoulder before talking about the subject.

"Integration here and abroad is inevitable. Whites are a world minority, vastly outnumbered by coloured. Whites must adjust themselves to the majority. Resistance would be futile and too bloody to be even considered. So, just accept equalitarianism and learn to live with the blacks and browns". That is what our people are taught to believe. The communications system assists in this with unceasing programs to show the "inevitability". Simultaneously, no encouragement is given Christian-Whites to racially organize. They are given no public support to express their point of view, and no prominent "respected" figure is on hand to lend them moral uplift.

This does not mean none of the well-known public figures are "racists" and do not know what the truth is. Occasionally, one of them slips up and exposes his inner feelings. When the real, rather than the phony, man is revealed, the Jews and their "liberal" disciples go into hysteria. One-time U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Earl Butz, made a "racist" joke in a private setting. It was reported by a sorry White traitor and the "powers" saw to it that Butz was fired. When the one-time U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General George S. Brown, made an honest assessment of Jewish power in America, he was chastised by the power structure. He was forced to apologize to the Jews. The General was not made to resign as this would have given frightening testimony to what he had said about Jewish might. Many another public personality has had to make "retractions" after slips of the tongue about Jews and the coloured.

Yes, there are knowledgeable Whites near the seat of national power, but they generally suppress their natural feelings and insights in order to hold onto their well-paying duties. This leaves our kindred without noted leaders. Before citizens condemn the Whites who are in jobs which could help save us but who do not, let us remember that "ordinary" Whites are more often than not guilty of the same reluctance or cowardice. How many of the latter does the reader personally know who "go along" in some manner with race-mixing so as to keep their jobs?

When you consider all this, it is very unnerving to realize that a huge, majority-White society is allowing an assembly of Jews and coloured to tell them how to live in the Whites' own nation! Had even the better part of White America risen up against integration in the beginning, coming to the assistance of local White areas under attack, the evil would have been eliminated. But, as said, clever isolating and smearing of the embattled White area (Little Rock, Selma, etc.) and instituting integration a step at a time, discouraged (then) unconcerned whites from becoming involved. Later, more than a few White Bostonians, e.g., wished they had gotten involved when southern Whites were earlier under barbaric torment. Similarly, were all the potential leaders of our people, many already in government, to have united, spoken out and acted as one, the Jews and their allies would have been beaten. Again, though, Jews learned from long experience in these matters that if they made examples of individuals, as they have of cities, other individuals would later be fearful to stand up in resistance.

There have been numerous but unheralded individuals who have by word or deed stood up to the "tolerance" tyranny. Many were not even openly anti-Jewish; but, they were creating too much friction for one or more of Jewry's means - for conquest: Communism, Zionism, Organized Crime and Liberalism. Senator Joseph McCarthy is quite likely the best example. One feels that he was eventually drawn in so deeply with his anti-Communism as to "cut his own throat". The entire Jewish-controlled "establishment" came down hard on McCarthy. Ultimately, the communists themselves were given credit for having originated the smear word of "McCarthyism" which they and "liberals" use to describe any later effort to combat the Reds. The man was so severely mudded by the vicious, career-wrecking attacks that his case put real fear in most other would-be patriots of any prominence.


CHAPTER XV - Judaizing White Culture


An obvious goal in psychological warfare against Christian-Whites is to bring them to the stage where they will docilely accept no other point of view than Jewry's. After endless conditioning to decay and perversion, our people are being groomed to become Jews in all but religion. As culturally developed Jews, they would be devotees to the "Jewish way". Naive is he who thinks it far-fetched that Jewry sees itself as "the messiah of the world". It does. The Jews may even genuinely think themselves benevolent and doing the "moral" thing for the earth's non-Jews. By bringing about "world brotherhood" and full "tolerance" for all people toward each others' race, a universal "culture" might come about. The Jews, of course, see themselves as the leaders of that world. Prior to the non-Jews reaching this state in existence, they must be led to do away with their own cultural characteristics and replace them with the values of the Jews. That is precisely what is happening to Christian-Whites today. Their values, traditions, and heritage are being systematically taken from them. They, the whites, are under the Jews blitz now. If Whites are successfully conquered, the Jews would then direct what little effort it would take against the coloured. These various races would have any unique characteristics destroyed also, making them more adaptable to a "common" world community.

If this sounds as science fiction, regard the world even now and notice how much more alike the different peoples have become in only a few decades. A tremendous gap exists still, unquestionably, between --let us say-- some Negro pygmies and even middle-class urbanites in Paris, Geneva or any number of White cities. These are the extremes, though. Yearly, scores of thousands more Whites are reduced in economic standards and cultural values while somewhat less numerous coloured are lifted up economically and culturally. The communist design of "taking from the haves' (Whites) and giving to the have nots'" (coloured) is at work here.

There is a limitation however, on how much the priceless cultural and genetic assets of Whites can be divided up among the inferiors of the earth. In time, with multiple dilutions, the averaged-out genetic, economic and cultural level would be as low as what one now finds in previously-White lands which became befouled with coloured; i.e. gross mediocrity at best. If Jewry were aiming for an intellectually-defenceless people to rule, this ultimate mongrelised breed would be it. Another offshoot from all this is that in time there would not even be a necessity for Jew leadership of destruction. Our people would be Jews in almost every sense. Apparently this may have already taken place in Russia. Jews can stand back and let their victims continue to enslave themselves.

Most coloured are unaware that they are being used by Jews to eliminate whites as the only serious threat to world rule. The few coloured who are cognizant of what is taking place are taking advantage of it, getting all they can from White society. As there are even fewer noble coloured as Whites, we need not hope to see even the best, most-enlightened coloured standing up to the Jews and rejecting the chance to bilk us out of our society.

What even the handful of alert coloureds do not grasp is that the "good times" would end were the Whites definitely destroyed as a people. Everything Negroes and most Orientals value in material and much of artistic values they obtain from white genius. If Whites were eliminated, there would be no more high-living standards for the parasitic coloured. Using a much used expression, the blacks and browns are abetting in "killing the goose that lays the golden egg".

An interesting feature of the coloured absorption of a nation and culture which do not belong to them is the continuous denial of ever being satisfied. Whites should be alert to the often-heard cries of "discontent". The Jews undoubtedly trained their Negro dupes in this technique. It may be simple but apparently is very affective. After the coloured have, knowingly to themselves, made great advancement in taking over more of white society, they will commence wailing: "We are displeased with the President (Congress, City Government, State Government, etc.) who (which) is dragging his (its) feet in giving us our rights". If these parasites are heard long and loud enough (and the mass media ascertain that they are!), Christian-Whites will be influenced. They will reason: "It seemed this nation was turned upside down on behalf of the minorities; but, we must have overreacted. They are complaining so much that maybe things are really as bad as claimed". To a sane white, it must seem impossible that other Whites fall for this "con job". Here it is that a nation created by, of and for Christian-Whites has undergone monumental disruption for the sake of the coloured and has spent multi-billions of dollars on them; yet, Whites can be misled into letting the tragedy go on! There has never been a greater racial deception in all history.  Only a fool would say the Jews are not supreme schemers. Continue on to Next Chapter or Go


CHAPTER XVI - Other Techniques to Divide Whites


It is worth the readers' time to have brought to their attention some tactics used by the Revolutionists to bring Whites together with the coloured. "Busing" is one of the most obvious devices in the arsenal of our enemy. What it amounts to is the literal kidnapping of White children from their own schools and neighbourhoods and transporting them to the mercy of the coloured. The time, multimillions of dollars, and energy wasted on this is well worth it to the integrationist's if even a modest percentage of Whites can be mixed.

Also in the educational arena, the schools across America have been given Federal directive that every means be used to bring the races together. This writer can relate an experience at the University of Hawaii, as a student. The housing office there readily admitted a policy of deliberately placing Whites in dormitory rooms with coloured. Despite this, the Orientals at least seemed to overcome the policy and demanded their own kind as roommates. (Possibly, on second thought oriental racism will present Jewry with more than a small problem!).

Another educational-related tactic is in the example of the late "anthropologist" Margaret Mead. This woman was trained by the pro-communist Jew Frantz Boas in her field and became the "darling" of Jewish Liberalism. In most every regard, Dr. Mead fought against the Traditions of White America. For this, she was honoured by Jewry in life and in death. For any young White ignorant as to what is involved and at stake, who would wish a life as an educator, he is given the example of Mead. If ultra-"liberalism" won her fame and fortune, he might reason, why would not the same path make him successful? All other professions have equally "liberal" personalities for the young to pattern themselves on as well.

Returning to the isles of Hawaii, we can observe one of the best tactics being used to merge the races; the location is a splendid testing ground for what is intended for all America. Hawaii is a menagerie of all races. Jews in the communications and education systems are seeking every means to dissolve any racial friction. In the process, they are doubtlessly learning much that will later be used on Mainland-Continental America. The key to ending inter-racial differences is to make all races feel they have something in common, something intimately if possible. Thus, more and more of the varied races are intermarrying, thanks to the propaganda system. When a Chinese has a Japanese son-in-law or some other connection, he is hesitant about being hostile toward that other race. When a White mother accepts her son's Puerto Rican wife, the mother finds it hard to be "prejudiced" against the coloured. There is all manner of variations on this theme, the result being to defuse racial pride.

Another tactic of some vintage is the Radicals' aim of forging the poor Whites with the coloured. With American economic problems mounting, we may see intense effort in the future along this line. Malcontent Whites, pained from financial woes, will be appealed to "in seeing that they have so much in common with disadvantaged coloured". Jewry intends that these Whites turn to "tolerance" rather than turn on "the establishment".

Another means to divide the Whites is the "women's lib" movement. Not only are the Whites divided on the subject of race, but many are alienated on sexual roles as well. Few, if any, of the whites who approve "women's lib" do not also support race-mixing. This program of Jewry has caused great disruption amongst our people, with more to come in the future.

Something else to note are the thousands and thousands of White servicemen who have been sent off to Asiatic wars and the "lessons" most of them pick up racially. With time on their hands occasionally, and with young "libidos", they seek out coloured women for intimate relations. In the process, their barriers are lowered for other races. If a man or woman will sleep with the coloured, he or she will do virtually anything with them.

How much Jewry and the "liberals" calculated this with their no-win wars in Asia is also unknown; but, it should be obvious that the inter-racial conditioning did not escape them. When the young White G.I.s return to America, they are much more inclined to share their country with the coloured. Black prostitutes are to be found in most American urban centres. White men, who are engulfed in provocative social sights and sounds of an erotic nature, are seeking these coloured out for sexual relations. Such behaviour cannot but advance overall racial integration. Pornographic books and films are featuring Whites having intimacies with the coloured to an increasing extent. This furthers the conditioning of Whites into inter-racial ways. Many Whites have seen their own kind come out of an "adult" film place and, aroused, then pick up a Negro street walker conveniently walking by. Integration proceeds along.

Readers no doubt can account other ways being foisted upon Whites so as to bring about the acceptance of the coloured. In every walk of life, there are subtle to blatant techniques and tactics by Jewry and its minions to entice, encourage and intimidate Whites into integration. For survival's sake, Whites would do well to fully understand their enemy's strategy.


CHAPTER XVII - Beware Jews Bearing Gifts


What may we possibly expect further from the Jews? As this writer has stated in earlier writings, there are only two directions our society can now go:

1) It can awaken and put up an all-out resistance to Jewry and all its power sources (Communism, Zionism, etc). This would mean incredible hardship, sacrifice, bloodshed and out-and-out horror. Total disaster could ensue for us, but if --in greater likelihood -- our race overthrew the enemy, it could rebuild Christian-White culture.

2) The other direction is the one we are presently pursuing. If awareness and resistance do not materialize, there is little question that full-scale mongrelisation WILL come about. That could only mean the obvious end of the White race, Christianity and high civilization. Another manner of horror would result: barbarism of such demonic proportion that mere words are inadequate to describe it.

Considering the chance that our kindred might eventually become alerted and awakened enough to resist, then Jewry unquestionably has contingency plans. Whereas today, they are the heart and soul of "tolerance" and all the sickness that goes with it, they could for existence's sake take an entirely different tack. From being the leaders of race-mixing, they could become the major opponent of it. They already are capable of doing this even now in some phony "right-wing" groups, but with the aim to really mislead innocent Christian-Whites and to lead them to integration in a roundabout way. Many Jews have been involved in operations as the John Birch Society in this capacity, this writer having seen one or so at work. Therefore, let our people be on their guard against "Jews bearing gifts". When this element suddenly ceases a life-long fanaticism to subvert us and, instead, "joins" us, we need be wary. We can even now be assured that were it tactically essential for Jews to reverse themselves and endeavour to defend our values, they would alter their position again at the first opportunity. Jewry would offer us "leadership" and the means of offence only so long as it would take to find means to once more weaken and divide us. At that time, Jewry would rebuild its efforts to bring about "world brotherhood".

Our remedial labour toward saving a sick nation under this fraudulent circumstance would be a short-term one. No aware Christian-White would be victimized by this ploy; but, many a White, uninformed about the source of world revolution, could be suckered. Beware any (ironical) Jewish offering of aid in a resistance to tyranny.


CHAPTER XVIII - Assessment of the Damage


As matters now stand, America is a most diseased land. Its promise for Christians and Whites is dimming by the year. A total stranger from abroad coming to America today would think most of the nation one of the greatest multi-racial cesspools ever to exist. It would make ancient Babylon pale by comparison. A visit by the stranger to the country's capital, Washington, D.C., would convince him that the land must be run for the sake of the coloured. They dominate in numbers there and such Whites as do reside thereabouts, for the most part, act only in the coloureds' best interest.

If the visitor were White and had discerning intellect, he would be shocked at finding out that America had historically been created by and for Whites; there would be little to indicate that now. His opinion of the nation's strength and health, after tours of many an urban centre, would be a negative one. He would not begin to see anything sane or sensible about the way civic matters are being managed. Having witnessed the notoriously degenerate "music", dress and other low-cultural standards of most citizens, the visitor would shake his head and yearn to get as far away from the social sickness as possible. If his own country had not yet been infected with Jewish "tolerance", he would not want such to spread there.

For Whites native to America, they are usually too humanly apt to overlook decay when they are living with it. In this, minds shut out the shortcomings, even increasingly serious ones. Doing so, though, makes for an acceptance of mediocrity and gradual ruin. And, if one is still making a living and is able to enjoy some of life's pleasures, one is more inclined to "just go on living with" what is occurring. Furthermore, if the opinion making Jews tell us that "there's nothing you can do about it anyway", people become more complaisant.


CHAPTER XIX - Will Whites Awaken to their Degradation?


Whites at present are unable to identify with one another, thanks to numerous techniques by Jewry to discourage it. Whereas there are many coloured and Jewish clubs to bring their peoples together, there are very few for our people. A White will be maligned and threatened if he makes persistent attempts at organizing his own kind. Only Jews and the coloured are allowed that privilege. For them, such activity is "healthy" and shows "pride" in being what they are. For Whites to do the same is "racist", "chauvinistic" or "un-American". Even when Whites accept the reality that they are not supposed to organize for their own defence and interests, they still cannot fully identify with the coloured either. They can be turned into literal idiots when it comes to emoting over some Negro boxer or ball player, but few can go further and feel much at ease with the coloured in most social milieus.

This state of neither being identifiable-Whites or being able to completely become artificial coloured ("White Negroes") has resulted in a distorted, divided and disturbed citizenry. This has further affected in a dire way national unity, pride and interests. What sober and sane White Ñeven a social-politically unaware one - can feel any pride in scenes of beastly-looking and acting "Afro-Americans" and other coloured intermixed with his fellow Whites? HOW can a sane white relate to Negroes under any serious circumstances? Similar interests of the divergent races may draw them occasionally together and this can be misleading. But, mixed-football players slapping one another on the back after they make a touch-down or win a game is not a socially-ongoing situation. Most of the players, by race, will go their separate, social ways after the game.

Only the sorriest and sickest Whites will endeavour to encourage prolonged racial contact. These Whites are more often than not sufferers of emotional problems, possibly incited by some grievance against fellow Whites. This writer saw a White girl make an obscene fool of herself as she romantically gushed over some Negro males in Leopoldville, The Belgium Congo, just after the black takeover. This whorish woman rolled her eyes at the few Whites in what was once a fine restaurant; and, it was obvious she delighted in exhibiting her scummy behaviour. She was deriving far more satisfaction from the discomfort of Whites than any sensuality from the lusting Africans.

What Jewry wants in this respect is the creation of such White self-hate that a majority of our people will be like that woman in the Congo. She had long lost any self-respect and any pride in her own kind. Thus, she could more readily identify and associate freely with an adopted race. With Whites corrupting themselves more and more, by various means, it is conceivable that the poor identification with the coloured could be changed. This is what Jewry and its "liberal" followers wish, for Whites to feel comfortable with the coloured. To put it another way, the desire is to reduce Whites to such a base level that they would be degraded enough to be at ease with the coloured. Time is of the essence. Will Jewry succeed in fully degenerating our people or will Christian-Whites awaken to avoid it?


CHAPTER XX - What Will Tolerance Produce?


In the interval before the fate of our people is known whether Whites will be saved or enslaved, both whites and the coloured, when integrated, are generally miserable. True, the coloured have never had so many material possessions and White created advantages, but one surmises that few are genuinely happy with it all. Possibly the insecurity exists that it will not endure. Maybe the coloured feel like the cultural parasites they are. Conceivably they ache from trying to be something by nature they are not.

Judging from the mental problems of Negroes, and all the violence found amongst them, the coloured are not the most settled of people. A social analyst might estimate that their being integrated into a White society unintended for them has actually done more harm than good.

For Whites, integration has been absolutely nothing but a disaster. Some White security-guard, White policeman or White basketball coach (with a six foot eight Negro player) might feel gratitude, in a perverted way for "tolerance"; but the vast proportion of Whites cannot. The law officers can be grateful as they have a job due to the horrendous amount of coloured crime. And, the coach may have a winning season with the physical attributes of his Negro athlete. These Whites are among the few who could offer any "good" reasons for race mixing. Never has any people suffered and endured more from an inferior race being forced upon it than we. Probably the Whites of history long past did not experience any worse with "Asiatic hordes" or Arab invaders of Europe.

The supreme insult to our intelligence and self-respect is that Jewry and its camp followers would have us be "gracious" about giving up our society. It is actually expected of us that we, with smile on face, accept what is being done to us and our future.

The situation goes something like this: shortsighted Christian-Whites in early America mercifully let Jews enter the country. The Jews, who had come here for refuge from lands which had had enough of their noxious scheming, bided their time, gathered their numbers and wormed their way with wealth and deviousness into the body politic. They then looked about, expressed disdain for the way our people were running their own society and declared that change must be made. The degree of arrogance and ingratitude in this is indescribable! As the drastic alterations to America by Jewry take place, the self-"chosen" people become violently indignant over any indication of dislike for the "progressive social changes". In effect, Jews say: "Who do these Whites think they are, differing with our intent to socially remake America?" If need be, Jewry will then resort to smear and intimidation to counter any 'uprising' by alarmed Whites. The enemy is extremely intolerant of any difference of opinion from their own. No other nation on earth practices an open door policy for outsiders. Yet, the Jews have so played upon Whites' sympathies for years about "down-trodden" coloured and Jews that Whites tragically allow growing numbers of "minorities" into America.

One predictable offshoot of any manipulated war between Russia and China in the future would be that waves of "displaced" Chinese would be brought to the United States. We have already seen this with scores of thousands of Indo-Chinese being conned upon us. The controlled mass media will tearfully detail the economic hardships of Mexico's natives and Christian-Whites are then expected to welcome these parasites with open arms. If England feels it has absorbed all the Caribbean blacks possible, it feels free to ask the U.S. to take in a few-hundred thousand. Of course out of "humanity's sake", we do. In these examples and in many more, Christian-Whites are told by the Jews and many a dullard "minister of God" that we have a "duty" to share our land with non-Whites and non-Christians. Like so many millions of zombies, the Whites meekly agree. They totally fail to use their own, and not Jewish, reasoning and realize what a social horror is being created in this land.

At the same time that Christian-Whites are suppose to gladly be welcoming multitudes of foreign coloured and Jews to their shores, they are to be equally doting over the swelling number of coloured being born in America. Negroes, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, etc. are breeding like the lowest of animals, with little or no responsible thought being given to the matter. After all, it is incumbent upon Whites to find homes, jobs, schools and all the comforts for the coloured.

Medical dramas and documentaries on television often features problems of childbirth and children's ailments. The coloured are the focus on many an occasion. A program on NBC-TV called "Lifeline" had a "heart-warming" episode in late 1978 about a sick child. With sirens blaring and under escort, an ambulance was shown racing up to an aircraft which had just landed.

White-jacketed professionals sped from the ambulance to the airborne patient. With tender hands and concerned faces, the Whites attended to a young Negro. The whole sad, distorted story was right there in that one scene. Whites, with their splendid technology, science and skills were giving of their time and fortune to help keep another Negro in the world. Needless to say, the Negro family took it all for granted; after all, they and all their black and brown brothers had been existing off the White man's culture for scores of years! The mortifying irony is that the children of those particular Whites, exerting themselves for a Negro, likely will suffer terribly in years ahead from the crushing-coloured problem. In short, Whites today collaborating in "humanitarian" programs are making a life of literal hell for Whites of Tomorrow.




"Tolerance" is destroying White America. No amount of duplicity or deception by Jewry can conceal any objective study. Of this fact. Moral and cultural decay are to be seen in great abundance. Christian-Whites are yearly being more ripened by sinister programs to forego their values, traditions and heritage; in return, our enslavers would have Whites become characterless, mindless robots, with no spiritual, racial or national values.

Until Whites themselves have been reduced in economic and social standards to the basest of extents, it would appear they are to live primarily for the benefit of the coloured. Whites once had their own government; now, that national government is operated primarily with the interests of Jews and the coloured in mind. As reverse-discrimination increasingly grows, Whites are being conditioned to accept what is left in jobs and services once the minorities have made their selection. This may sound exaggerated now; it will not in the fairly-near future.

In sincerity, this writer can sympathize with the position of the coloured. Whites across America are already turning to them for services and political aid. This is owning to so much of America's power being turned over to the coloured. If Whites in considerable numbers are regarding the minorities as people having something Whites want, then how can we be contemptuous of the coloured who still want what some whites have? In other words, can blacks, etc. be accused of not having much self-respect and pride when Whites will show the same lack of traits after little pressure? What is shamefully demonstrated is that so many Whites have become resigned to a humble, second-class state in what was once their own land. It is not difficult to understand why Negroes and other coloured would want what our culture has created; they deeply envy us for it. Insanity would be the word for any White who cannot comprehend our inferiors taking advantage of opportunities to acquire from us what is ours. No, we cannot blame them for what is happening.

The element which has perverted racial relations, mostly responsible for usurping our society is not the coloured. The blacks and browns are mere "pawns in the game". They are being used. We should not forget this, however hard it may be, in trying times ahead.

Only massive togetherness of Christian-Whites in protection of their interests will preserve them as a religion and race. Before such unity, there must be awareness. The former cannot materialize without the latter. With the Jews commanding the means of communications, the task of awakening Christian-Whites is not an easy one. Each "aware"-White, therefore, must be a missionary in the labour of educating his own kind, with racial solidarity the goal. Were there unity, America could be Regained.

Jewry knows all this. So, it will expend much effort to continue dividing us. Also, in furthering the weakening of Whites spiritually and culturally, there will be no let-up in the drug trade, putrid "music", pornography and every degeneracy geared to enslave us. Racial-integration measures will not abate.

Our enemy does NOT want Whites to awaken and organize. Such must not be permitted to come about. But, will it? That is up to you, readers, and the millions of your fellow Whites here and abroad.

You and they will either break the bonds which already tend to destroy your spirit and soul or some day your very body will be enchained. America is a very-sick land. The only "doctors" who can save it are the Christian-White people. The only "medicine" that will heal the nation is white awareness of and resistance against the exponents of "Tolerance", the enslaver!