Gareth James Keys

Here lies a loyal Anglo-Saxon-Celt

Gareth James Keys

Son of William & Jennifer, Father of Joel & Sharon

Born 10th Jan 1981, present with Our LORD from 16th May 2008

Awaiting the promised resurrection to life on a conquered earth


One uniform his heart did adore

It was the one that he was most honoured to have wore

For in this same uniform Our LORD was proudly arrayed

His Kin to maintain it, day and night he fought and prayed

This uniform is the most beautiful and righteous one

It is the only uniform that was made by the hand of God

To the son of a loyal father this uniform is issued before birth

It is the one worn by those whose heritage is to inherit the earth

God bless all who with honour and dignity wear this uniform

It is the only one that is worn by all His Kin

The uniform that he cherished so dear was his pure skin


“Do not become yoked together with those not your kin...come out from among

them and be separate…and do not be joined to the impure…and I will be a father to you says the Lord Almighty”2 Cor. 6 “Foreigners have devoured our strength”Hos.8:9 “Our inheritance is turned to foreigners, our houses to aliens” Lam 5:2 “God is my strength and power…He teaches my hands to make war” 2 Sam. 22 “Blessed are they which have not defiled their garments; they shall walk with In white: for they are worthy.”Rev. 3:4