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A Grand Conspiracy

This presentation was put together by a reader. Christogenea.org does not necessarily endorse all of the resources cited, but generally regards the information contained within to be true. WRF

A Grand Deception

This presentation was put together by a reader. Christogenea.org does not necessarily endorse all of the resources cited, but generally regards the information contained within to be true. WRF

Bassou: Man-Ape Hybrid?

Equalitarian Theorists Worried

Bassou lives in the Valley of Dades, near the town of Skoura, in Morocco.  He sleeps in the trees there and subsists on dates, berries, and insects.  He wears no clothes (although he was persuaded to don a burlap sack for the photograph which appears here), uses no tools, and speaks only in grunts.

The local Berbers have been aware of Bassou's presence for at least the past 25 years, but they shun him in superstitious fear and have been unable to give any clue as to his origin.  Western scientists have also been aware of Bassou for a number of years, but, for the most part, they too shun him in superstitious fear.  For Bassou's existence raises some very troubling questions for the true believers in the TV religion of universal human equality. It has been hard enough for them to try to fit Blacks and Whites together into that scheme, without having to worry about Bassou.

Bill Gates Exposed

The billionaire Bill Gates has been funding vaccination programs for years. Here he admits that vaccination programs shall be used to reduce global population by 10 to 15%. DON'T TAKE THE VACCINES!

Now it has just been announced that Bill Gates has also bought a million shares of Monsanto, so this genocidal maniac will also have his hands on our food supply!


Confederates for Donald Trump Warn of White Ethnic Cleansing


The Jewish AntiFa group that call themselves the "Young Turks" think there is a problem with these people. But instead, Whites everywhere should be proud of them for standing up for themselves, and to hell with the "Young Turks". Oh, and since when is "Turk" a euphemism for Marxist Jew?

Confessions of a Missionary Kid

by Sandi Blanchard

My Story

I was born and raised a missionary kid (MK), but I never allowed myself to really think about it until last year (when I was 54 years old) - believe it or not. That's because we were told from as early as I can remember that we must not do or say anything that would reflect negatively on Dad.   I was not sure I could honestly look at my life without dishonoring my Dad or God…. When I let myself think, it was like a dam broke…..

On October 6, 1953 a little baby girl was born to the Nelson family in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philippines.  That was me.  I was one of five children.  As a baby I had bad colic and cried for the first three months – so I was often placed in another room at the other end of the house to cry by myself, or the house girls (maids) would put me on their backs while they skated our wooden floor with their feet on coconut shells, which gave the floor a beautiful shine and kept me quiet at the same time. Once the colic passed, I became a very outgoing, happy little girl. 

Facebook Censorship

Apparently, Facebook is automatically blocking the contents of this entire website from being posted anywhere on its pages. We must be getting under their (((lampshades))) !


Generalizations vs Exceptions

Mike Delaney of Prothink.org addresses some of the misleading tactics that the judaized liberals disseminate throughout White society daily.


Here Be Cannibals


Over a very large part of the secluded area there is no evidence that human flesh was ever eaten, and no first-hand account of it is recorded by Fynn, Livingstone, Galton, Speke, or Baker. In several places the native inhabitants knew that cannibalism existed elsewhere; Speke and Baker give examples of this. Fynn mentions a tribe living in the vicinity of the Zulu that was stated to have taken to eating human flesh when their cattle were stolen; but this was not confirmed by direct observation, and the vast majority of Kafrid tribes were never cannibals, so far as is known. No suggestion is made anywhere that any Nilotid was ever a cannibal. Schweinfurth remarks of the Dinka (Ni), ‘It is scarcely necessary to say that the accounts of the cannibalism of the Niam-Niam excite as much horror amongst them as amongst ourselves.’

Its Israel Not The Heathens


By Clifton A. Emahiser

Like so many passages in the King James Version of the Bible, Galatians 3:8 is totally confusing. It is said that there are estimated 27,000 mistakes in translation in the King James Bible. There are about 7,000 mistakes in the Tetragrammation alone. You may call them "mistakes", "translation errors" or downright "tampering", but probably we have all three. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that we check out the Hebrew and the Greek in all cases. I can not emphasize this enough!!! YOU MUST CHECK OUT THE HEBREW AND GREEK!!! Further the Aramaic should consulted. Y0U CANNOT TRUST THE ENGLISH WORDING!!! Also all the other passages that are talking about the same topic should be scrutinized. If there has been any of the above three problems, it will probably show up in one or more the other passages.