Richard D. Porter

In Memory of Richard D. Porter

It is with regret that we have to bring to the notice of our readers the death on 3rd March, 2011 of Richard D. Porter, a valiant warrior for the truth.
He was a subscriber and contributor to this magazine. He was a prolific writer and publisher. Some of our UK readers will have read some of his hard hitting articles, many of which have been digitised and archived on the Saxon Messenger Website.

He was a teacher by profession and amongst other subjects he taught religion and came into confrontation with the education authorities over his refusal to teach evolution so consequently his career did not progress and he retired early.

His confrontation with the authorities led him to investigate who was really pulling the strings behind the scenes and he discovered who was the real enemy and that the German Celto Anglo-Saxon peoples were the true Israel. He has ever since been a strong supporter of Christian Identity. He was also the confidant of the late Lady Birdwood who published the now famous book “The Longest Hatred”.

He was brought up in Brixton and related how in his younger days that “one day he was walking down the main street and was surprised to see a black man, but now if I were to walk down the same street I would be surprised to see a white man!”

He was a true Christian, but had no time for the Baal priests that infest our present day churches and he relates one incident when he attended such a church: “A few years ago, I wandered into the mid-week prayer meeting at Stowmarket Baptist Church. The minister, a certain Mr Lacey, addressed his small flock on Isaiah chapter 2, applying a modernist interpretation to the text and misleading his congregation. When he finished I asked if the meeting was open to the public and was told that it was. I pointed out that there was no reason why we shouldn't take the text literally to mean exactly what it says. He interrupted saying that is what he used to believe. I then went on to speak about the Jews, stating a few well established facts. Before I could proceed very far there were shouts of 'Racist' from the congregation and I was stopped by the minister and hustled and bustled out of the church. Afterwards, I thought to myself that if the Lord Jesus Christ, the object of all their prayers and devotions had stood up in their church and uttered the same words He spoke about the Jews 2,000 years ago they would all have shouted out against Him and thrown Him out of their church. It also confirmed what I already knew. If an honest man stood up in the pulpit of ANY church in this land and uttered a few home truths he would soon be shouted down and ejected by the marionette minister and his implanted and brainwashed congregation. As the Old Book says: 'Preach unto us smooth things, preach unto us deceits'”.

Although Richard was not on the Internet, he could nevertheless bring to light little known facts through his many hours spent researching in reference libraries and record offices. He was particularly clued up on the banking fraud and wrote many books on the subject. He was well versed in health issues and was an ardent campaigner against vaccination, because he knew it was part of the NWO population control agenda. 

Just a few weeks before his death, Richard submitted a number of articles to the New Ensign, these will be published in future issues.

We remember also his large immediate family and would pray that Yahweh will comfort them at this difficult and sad time. We know that when Richard meets his maker He will say well done thou true and faithful servant come and receive your reward.

-Courtesy of The New Ensign magazine.