The Beasts that Dwell Among Us

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We generally do not use New Nation News as a source for our articles in this series, however their offerings in this area are often more current and comprehensive than what we report on here.

New Nation News - Black-on-White Crime

If You See Black... Don't Go Back!

"Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed."
  --- Noel Ignatiev, Jewish Harvard professor and editor of Race Traitor magazine (Washington Times, September 4, 2002)

"The white race is the cancer of human history."  
  --- Susan Sontag (much-celebrated Jewish  "intellectual," whose recent passing was lamented loudly in Jewish circles) 

 "I don’t care about your idiot children."
  --- Willie Brown (Mayor of San Francisco, to a white parent complaining that affirmative action would penalize his children), quoted in The Social Contract (Summer 1998, p. 290)

"It's always illegitimate for white men to organize as white men."  
  --- William Raspberry (black columnist), Dubiously Exclusive, (Washington Post, Nov. 24, 1995)

"Q:  What kind of world do you want to leave to your children?
A:  A world in which there aren't any white people. . . ."

  --- Leonard Jeffries (chairman of the African-American studies department of the City College of New York), interviewed by T.L. Stanclu and Nisha Mohammed, Rutherford Magazine (May 1995, p. 13)

"You guys have been practicing discrimination for years.  Now it is our turn."
  --- Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (in a conversation with Justice William Douglas about racial preferences), quoted by William O. Douglas, The Court Years, 1939-1975 (New York, Random House, 1980)


The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 38 - Baboons are not good Babysitters


So in Oregon, if you beat someone and they cannot speak to describe their pain, you cannot be charged with a crime? That is what the authorities evidently told the parents of this young child after he was beaten by his "babysitter". Of course, the parents themselves should be beaten for hiring a baboon to be a babysiter in the first place.

But it seems to us, that what the Oregon authorities really meant to say is that a Nigger should get off scot-free for beating a White baby. We cannot imagine a White man being treated so leniently for beating a chimplet (the proper term for a black child), but we can imagine the resulting media outcry if such a thing were ever to happen.

We learned of this case from the Western Michigan news channel Fox17...

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 37 - Black Lives Do Not Matter


We are always hearing stories of gang-banging niggers killing one another, and drug-dealing niggers killing one another, but this one is different. Pictured to the left is 45-year old Chadwick Garrett, a Negro with a job. He took the time to help these two niggers get their SUV out of a ditch. And once he did, they robbed and shot him, leaving him dead. So the last thing a nigger should want to be is a good samaritan.

Whites everywhere should take notice. When you try to help wolves, they still want to eat you.

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 36 - But this Nigga had a Job


The news outlets are making a lot of comments in relation to Ford's pictures and some of the comments found on his Facebook page. But they never told us, did he "like" Black Lives Matter?

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 35 - Logan Tipton, 6-year-old White boy, killed by ravaging Nigger


In Versailles, Kentucky a feral broke into the home of a White family and fatally stabbed a six-year old White boy while he lay sleeping in his bedroom.

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 34 - Negro Beasts Drown White Child in Boiling Water

Two young black males gagged a crying 12-year old white boy and afterwards drowned him in a bath filled with boiling water. The accused yesterday admitted guilt to the murder with smiles as they appeared in the Vereeniging regional court, reports the Johannesburg Afrikaans daily, Beeld.

In a typical South African black-on-white atrocity, the boy and his entire family were massacred on 1 October 2011 in Walkerville, south of Johannesburg. Amaro Jose Viana, of Portuguese descent, his mother Geraldine (42) and father Tony (53) were killed in an attack by the family’s gardener Petrus Radebe (24), Sipho Mbele (21) and Sphiwe David Motaung (20). A fourth black person, a minor whose name was not published and appartently the son of Petrus Radebe, also participated in the attack. All four admitted their guilt on all charges against them.

According to the accused, “we mutually raped Geraldine Viana”. Sipho Mbele raped her first while Petrus Radebe helped to restrain her by standing on her face. Afterwards Radebe raped her too.

Beeld reports that Charmaine Castleman, an attorney appearing for the accused, read a statement in court explaining that the three men burgled the Viana residence to rob them of their possessions and “to get Geraldine Viana back” for the way she had treated them.

The white family’s dog apparently barked tremendously during the burglary. The animal was killed by disembowelling him.


The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 33 - Niggers Shouldn't Be Given Matches

Pictured here is the "suspect", Christopher Harrison, who has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly setting two men on fire along a Maryland highway.

You won't see this on national news. Just this week, two White men were set on fire by niggers. Originally, the media reported that they were "co-workers" and traveling together on their way home from a job site in Baltimore. Lately, it has been learned that they were not co-workers, but that the apes had attacked the White men unprovoked (i.e. We should have known better than to think the niggers who did this actually had jobs. The first White man is engulfed in flames. The second apparently escaped from his flaming clothing and is seen in his underwear, moaning in pain on the ground. All the nearby niggers wanted to do was laugh and take pictures. This should be a national news story, but apparently White lives do not matter to Jewish media.

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 32 - Apes in the News

Bryce Williams No Longer "Live"

A Negro Newsman goes ape and kills two Whites, a reporter and a cameraman. The reports are saying he was a "disgruntled former employee" of the Roanoke, Virginia, TV station. Of course, the Apefrican claimed that the White reporter was "racist". That is often "justification" for the rampant Negro violence against Whites. But aren't all apes "racist"? We would guess that she probably only refused to sleep with the beast.

From NBS News:

The suspect believed to have shot a reporter and cameraman to death on live television in Virginia was identified as a disgruntled former employee of the station, and he apparently posted video of the shootings to social media.

Federal authorities told NBC News that the suspect killed himself about five hours after the shootings.

A sheriff's department identified him as Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, also known as Bryce Williams. ABC News said that it received a 23-page fax from someone claiming to be Bryce Williams and turned it over to authorities.


The accounts also posted an apparent justification for the shootings, accusing the reporter of having made racist comments and the cameraman of having reported the suspect to human resources.


So it turns out that Vester L. Flanagan II, which is Byrce Williams' real name, claims in suicide notes to have been a disenchanted Sodomite. We would expect to see apes in the news for as long as we have apes. But do apes really belong in our newsrooms as well? Or in any other important place in society? We believe he is a product of the madness of multiculturalism and the Sodom and Gomorrah which are about to go up in flames by the wrath of Yahweh.

See the follow-up report below from WPIX:


Follow-up, August 28th, 2015:

The Vester Flanagan / Byrce Williams case gets stranger as CNN reports that Flanagan had "Gay Porn Sites" registered in his name.

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, Part 31 - Six-Year Old Barely Escapes with Life and Chastity

Savanna Norman

There are only two reasons why a pair of black adult male beasts would want to abduct this pretty young White girl: rape and murder. With blacks robbing, murdering and raping Whites daily from coast to coast, when are Whites going to awaken to the fact that it is not "crime", but a quiet war of genocide which blacks have been waging against Whites for several decades now? And the Jewish-controlled "liberal" media offers nothing but a cloak of euphemisms and non-news for the beasts to hide behind. Notice that no description of the males is offered, although one perpetrator was caught and another is still at large.

See KOMO News for verification. We doubt there will be much follow-up, but we pray that Savanna Norman can keep fighting off the beasts.

The prime suspect, Jakeel Rashon Mason, was arrested and booked into the Pierce County Jail for investigation of unlawful imprisonment. He is being held on $150,000 bail.

Following up this case, we have learned that Jakeel Rashon Mason did not stay in jail very long. According to the records of the Pierce County Sheriff's Office it looks like he plead guilty to reduced charges in this attempted kidnapping/rape/murder (that is certainly what he would have done to the girl) and walked off with less than a slap on the wrist. Click here for the information from Pierce County on the attempted kidnapping.

Then Jakeel was arrested again on January 17th 2015 for burglary, in Pierce County, Washington. So evidently he plead guilty after attempting to abduct this little girl, and was out of jail within a few months so that he could continue his rampage. Click here for the more recent burglary. Silly White people, when will they ever learn. What will Jakeel do next?

No wonder negroes can start websites like "ghetto bragging rights", where they brag openly about these very things! Yes, that is what they do. Look at the disgusting filth that some negroes have written about this case, where they demonize a six-year-old girl for defending herself, this time at a site called "ghettobraggingrights" (screenshot link below).

The Truth Behind Mixed-Race "Marriages"

The Jews in Hollywood and the media have been promoting the destruction of White society for over a hundred years. Every White women who would date a negro is really only a willing victim in an age-old war against Whites. Every White woman with non-White children is a willing traitor who has contributed to the destruction of White society.