Kafir Crusaders

Kafir Crusaders is a good place to get and stay informed concerning the destruction of native British youth as a result of the ongoing Islamization of Britain.

This is not immigration. This is an organized destruction of the native British people in favor of other races. All of those who are attempting to resist the destruction of Britain are now being arrested. Recent arrests include Tommy Robinson, as he was filming muslim rapists outside of a courtroom, and the leaders of the Britain First Party, for "suspicion of inciting religious hatred".

It seem to be a greater crime to point out the fact that muslims are invading Britain and fully intend on replacing the British people with their own, than it is for muslims to rape thousands of British girls as part of their endeavour to effect that replacement.

Kafir Crusaders has also created a quite informative Muslim Grooming / Paedo Epidemic Incident Map, which we have embedded below. British girls, sometimes hundreds of them -- 1400 in the case of Rotherham -- have been systematically gang-raped in 116 locations across Britain, and this is only where they have been caught.