Refugees? No, Rapefugees!

Pictured above, Swedish women happily invite hundreds of thousands of so-called “refugees” to come and live with them, perhaps imagining that the “refugees” are nice people like themselves and share their civilized values. They seem to be absolutely impervious to the idea that the aliens are actually uncivilized, savage beasts intent upon destroying them and their culture and supplanting them in their own homes.

In the video below, newly arriving "refugees" are given a hero's welcome by smiling Germans in Munich. Like many other photos and videos used by the mainstream media in their reports on the "refugee crisis", we suspect that this event was also staged.




So we see these images from Germany, taken shortly after that nation had allowed the entry of swarms of “refugees” this past winter. And indeed, they have come in swarms, the great majority of them being men in their twenties through forties, looking for women and loot. Given the expectation of “benefits” upon reaching Europe, the hope of which they had received from the Jewish-controlled media, they have an entitlement mentality even before they cross the border, and their lusts for handouts and free sex from White women will never be satiated. When sensible women resist, they suffer brutal acts of violence at the hands of these lustful beasts. The beasts were given the impression that White European women would always be warm and welcoming, and more than willing to have sex with them.

But rather than protect Germans who complain, or who venture to stand up to these “rapefugees”, the German police protect them and persecute their fellow countrymen instead. It took days for the German police to admit that 516 German women of all ages had reported being attacked, many of the attacks including unwanted sexual contact, from moslem men - and that was just on New Year's Eve in Cologne (as reported by the BBC). However even the use of the term, rapefugee, by Germans concerned for the safety of women in their native country invites harassment and arrest by police. As it has already happened in Britain and Scandinavia, police and other government agenices in Germany have also become mercenary agents for the powers intent on destoying the European people. According to some sources, the leader of the Pegida movement in Germany is facing prosecution simply for wearing a t-shirt which contained the message “Rapefugees Not Welcome” (as reported by On January 9th, non-violent Pegida protestors in Cologne were forcibly dispersed by police using water cannons and pepper spray.

So the frequency of rape has risen to epidemic proportions in Sweden and Norway, and Germany is next. Swedes are complaining that they cannot talk about the frequency of rapes there, where Islamic men, reportedly only 2% of the population, have committed 77% of the reported rapes (as reported by In one particularly brutal case, a Swedish woman was recently gang-raped by moslem Somalis while forced to the ground atop broken glass, as the Danish news website 10newsdk has recently reported. The odds of a Swedish woman being raped during her lifetime is now one in four. The major news outlets generally ignore all of the pertinent reports, not wanting to present anything that would turn public opinion against immigration.

It is our obligation to consistently bring these things into the consciences of our fellow Whites of European descent. However we have already written of the reasons why these things are happening in many of our articles at Christogenea, which have been published here at the Saxon Messenger. We wrote The Immigration Problem and Biblical Prophecy in 2008. We wrote No Safe Haven and Stripped Bare and Naked in 2013, and then we wrote The Camp of the Saints Revisited in 2015, as well as many other articles which have discussed various aspects of this topic.

War is being waged against the European peoples, and how many times we may repeat ourselves before it is commonly acknowledged is not our concern: we will keep repeating ourselves. Of course, many others have also written on this topic. But we claim to know why these things are happening, beyond the obvious reasons and the simple cries that “It's the Jews”. Of course it's the Jews. But why is it the Jews, and who are the Jews, really? And why do so many Whites go along with the desires of the Jews? Those are the questions that we can answer, where the typical anti-Christian White nationalists shall always fail.

If you truly love your fellow White Europeans, please review our work at Christogenea.