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A View from the Past: An Issue of The South African Observer - October 1981

Warning: The people known today as "Jews" have not ever been the true people of Israel. Rather, they are Edomite-Khazar impostors, and that can be established from the Bible and from History. For some of the evidence backing this statement, see the article at, A Concise Explanation of the Creation of the Jewish People. While the article below is good in that it elucidates Jewish hypocrisy, the author was unaware of this fact. 

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THE South African rugby tour in New Zealand left its people stunned, shocked and divided as never before in their history.

The eight weeks the Springboks spent in their country produced unprecedented street violence, culminating in a full-scale riot in Auckland.

Opponents of South Africa's racial policies staged marches, demonstrations and clashed repeatedly with police in their attempts to disrupt and halt matches.

There was something obscene in the sight of men with truncheons, the barbed wire, the police barricades and the ugly viciousness of the demonstrators, who mouthed "democracy" while they indulged in naked lawlessness and anarchy.

Incensed rugby fans fought the anti-apartheid forces at all the matches and in the streets.

Bitter disputes divided families and some couples said they had stopped sharing the same room because of the vehemence of their arguments.

Brawls broke out in bars and hosts at parties and dinners threatened to throw out anyone who raised the subject.

No one was neutral.

African Tribal Wars: The End of Apartheid


History and Fundamentals

History and Fundamentals

from a South African contributor

By 'fundmentals' we speak of things like: summer, winter, autumn, spring, you know, things that politicians cannot change or which they change only to the detriment of the order of things. There is an ultimate order, and the closer we attain to it, the greater becomes our personal and national wellbeing.

The trick is to discover the fundamental non-negotiables that harmonise with natural law. Once that is established half the battle is won. We who are Bible-believing Christians have the advantage of possessing the Book of Rules that provide for us the remaining answers to our quest for a successful national constitution ensuring prosperity, but not necessarily peace. We 
know that because we have lived through pockets of time where this was demonstrated. Pre-war Germany and post-war South Africa knew both sides of that equation. The prosperity generated  in wicked men and wicked systems jealousy and hatred that proved terminal for both successful systems. 

How Equality Works in South Africa

When Whites voted to allow South Afrtican blacks to be "equal" citizens, that is not what they got. What they got, and what they are continuing to get, is to be conquered and pushed out into squatter camps. Blacks cannot be equals in a White society, they can only be destroyers.

See the South African Family Relief Project.

Jacob Zuma sings "Kill the Boer" at ANC Centenery Celebrations in January, 2012

The Boers had better organize as a single like-minded group if they want to survive! And this is coming to the rest of the West soon enough!


The Afrikaner Broederbond, Freemasons and the Rothschilds


White South African Genocide