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Paul Weston on the Woolwich Killing, Islam and the State of Modern Britain


Not that we believe in a political solution to the woes of Christendom, it is nevertheless refreshing to see new faces - at least, new to us - expressing pieces of the problem.

Paul Weston, Chairman of new political party Liberty GB, speaks out about the Woolwich murder, Islam and the state of Britain today.

Liberty GB is here to protect the traditional British way of life, which has been ignored by the so-called 'Conservative' Party. We are a culturalist, traditionalist and patriotic party that will talk truthfully about immigration and Islam. We are not career politicians, and we don't respond to whips - we'll always stand up for facts, and we'll always stand against hatred and intolerance.


From the LibertyGB Youtube channel

"A Declaration of War" - From the Youth of France


"Day of Wrath" in Paris: anti-semitic demonstration - proof in pictures


"Jour de Colère" à Paris: Manifestation antisémite - preuves en images

An Australian Looks At The Identity Crisis: Where To Now Germany?

Sometimes we White Christians get so tied up in our own problems we forget that others of our Israel kin are suffering the same hardships. This article written by Adam DeWitt, of Australia, covers an interesting phase in our war for Christian survival, that American Christians need to know. (DeWitt writes regularly for the "TRUMPET" magazine, which is the mouthpiece of the Christian Commonwealth of Covenant People, P.O. Box 141, Rondebosch, South Africa, 7701) Listen well to his words concerning another Christian Israel nation which is under violent attack by International Jewry, in their age old plan for world conquest.

When we walk a highway you would like to know where you are heading. What if you don't know? You will need to rely on fixed points and the most helpful would be the starting point. At least if you know where you came from, you will have a pretty good idea of where the road is heading. This principle is being understood by more and more people world wide, as they attempt to strengthen their society, and thereby ensure their future. Likewise this principle could be very helpful to Germany, the country now under discussion. So with this in mind let's look for German roots. (Bear in mind that over 27% of the American people come from a Germanic background.)

Angela Merkel Hates On German Flag

Merkel was not handed the flag. The bitch actually grabbed the flag out of the man's hand and cast it aside. If the man had any backbone at all he should have walked off.


Bankers, Bradburys And The Carnage On The Western Front - Justin Walker

Justin Walker tells the British Constitution Group annual conference on the 24th November 2012 of a little known historical fact which will collapse even further the reputation of the City of London.

From the UKColumn Youtube channel.


Berlin's No-Go Zones: Germans Keep Out!


This news clip from Germany shows that Muslims are now taking over certain areas of Berlin, where they expect even the police to "keep out".

Breach Of The Oath Of The Chancellor: An Open Letter by Major General Schultze-Rhonhof: Why Merkel Has To Step Down For The Benefit Of The German People

Breach Of The Oath Of The Chancellor

This is an English translation of the original German letter posted at Epoch Times.

2. Open Letter by Major General Schultze-Rhonhof: Why Merkel Has To Step Down For The Benefit Of The German People

By Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof, Gastautor, Friday, 9 October 2015 1:17 p.m.

A retired Major General of the Bundeswehr sharply critizises Merkel's policy on refugees: with her welcome messages she has triggered a tidal wave of mass immigration that has created incalculable harm for the German people of today and their descendants.

Four weeks ago, Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof, Major General of the Bundeswehr, submitted detailed proposals to Angela Merkel and her staff in order to avert damage to the German people in the ongoing refugee crisis. (see: 1. Offener Brief "Asyl-Politik ohne Weitsicht" [German])

Because nothing has happened in this matter, he now wrote a second open letter. He calls for Merkel's resignation and suggests that Horst Seehofer (Prime Minister of Bavaria) should assume office until the end of the legislative period. Again he combines a relentless analysis and concrete proposals.

Schultze-Rhonhof supports economic refugees himself, but clearly distances his stance from the headless policies of the Chancellor.

His unabridged letter follows.

Brian Gerrish: Soviet Britain


Britain Last: With No Remaining Political Options

We have not yet decided how it is that we should interpret the latest Muslim agitation in Manchester. We can only surmise that if there were any victims, perhaps that Grande cretin may have been grandest of them all, but unfortunately these scripts are never written in that manner. Of course, the media has already reported that “ISIS” has taken the blame, which obviously absolves all of the muslims of Britain. We hope you sense the sarcasm. Now as this latest episode of muslim agitation unfolds, we consider the prospects for Britain, and we are certain that in any event, the government’s policy will once again be Britain Last.

Out of all of the British Nationalist groups we have seen, only a couple of late have actually even been aware of the root cause of Britain’s woes, and this past December National Action was completely proscribed, labelled an extremist group and shut down by the government.

The other is the intellectually formidable Jez Turner of the London Forum. We have run many of his excellent articles in the pages of this Saxon Messenger. This true British patriot is now being harassed by Her Majesty’s favorite tribe, and awaiting prosecution for his “anti-semitism.”

Yet even the most harmless of British opposition to the government’s policy of Islamization is being persecuted. Tommy Robinson, which is a pseudonym for Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was a co-founder and leader of the so-called English Defence League, which is an anti-Islamic and decidedly pro-Zionist “street protest” movement. Hardly a threat to the established order.