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Britain Last: With No Remaining Political Options

We have not yet decided how it is that we should interpret the latest Muslim agitation in Manchester. We can only surmise that if there were any victims, perhaps that Grande cretin may have been grandest of them all, but unfortunately these scripts are never written in that manner. Of course, the media has already reported that “ISIS” has taken the blame, which obviously absolves all of the muslims of Britain. We hope you sense the sarcasm. Now as this latest episode of muslim agitation unfolds, we consider the prospects for Britain, and we are certain that in any event, the government’s policy will once again be Britain Last.

Out of all of the British Nationalist groups we have seen, only a couple of late have actually even been aware of the root cause of Britain’s woes, and this past December National Action was completely proscribed, labelled an extremist group and shut down by the government.

The other is the intellectually formidable Jez Turner of the London Forum. We have run many of his excellent articles in the pages of this Saxon Messenger. This true British patriot is now being harassed by Her Majesty’s favorite tribe, and awaiting prosecution for his “anti-semitism.”

Yet even the most harmless of British opposition to the government’s policy of Islamization is being persecuted. Tommy Robinson, which is a pseudonym for Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was a co-founder and leader of the so-called English Defence League, which is an anti-Islamic and decidedly pro-Zionist “street protest” movement. Hardly a threat to the established order.

Calais Woman Declares Death of Civilization

I intended to post this on July 27th, 2016, and somehow it was lost in a pile of other tasks.

Cultural Enrichment: Scenes from the May 2017 Arab Riots in Paris


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Demographic Decline of Germany


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Disgruntled, or Thieves?

When America was besieged with race riots in the 60's, the Negroes looted all of the shops. During the riots in 1980's Britain, the Negroes looted all of the shops. When Rodney King was beaten, the Negroes looted all of the shops. When Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans, the Negroes looted all of the shops. Now during these latest London riots, the Negroes looted all of the shops! Are the Negroes really an oppressed and disaffected citizenry, or are they only looters pillaging whatever they can steal?

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Dutch riot over plans for a refugee centre

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Emma West Goes to Court

Emma West from the tram video.

Emma West goes to Croydon Crown Court this coming month, on February 17th. She was promptly arrested after her video was placed on YouTube. The video had 11 million views, so certainly at least some Englishmen must have seen the angry young woman say those same things that all Englishmen should be saying. England should, of course, be for Englishmen, and if Englishmen do not stand up for England, who shall? Yet because she expressed her exasperation with the aliens, and made a statement that should only be natural to all Englishmen, Emma will stand trial on two trumped-up “racially aggravated public order offences”. So how many Englishmen will turn out in Croydon to support Emma West on February 17th? How many Englishmen will picket with signs, displaying their support for Emma West? If perhaps a few hundred did gather the courage, perhaps the court would take notice, and perhaps Emma may be spared any further nonsense from this ridiculous persecution.